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  1. MLI

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    Hey folks....Im sure many of you like myself are looking for good used plow trucks. I ran across a 94 Ram 25004x4....has a Fisher 7.5 in front.....and a pull plow on rear also has many power options. Was wondering what you folks thought that setup would be worth?!?

    Last year we picked up a 95F-350 pick-up with 8 ft minute mount on it for $13,100..truck was XL model with 60k on it. I thought that was a great deal!

    OBRYANMAINT LawnSite Senior Member
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    sometimes "plow" trucks can be had cheaply but depending on the area these miles are hard plowing miles and some of the things that usually may not wear out are worn

    i am sure you are a good judge yourself but i would consider very thoroughly if i were to purchase a truck with an existing plow let alone two!
  3. Snow Pro

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    I agree with O'Bryan it's better to buy a 4x4 and put your own blade on it. Less wear and tear. That truck might be priced around 12-15000, depending on mileage. If you could steal it for 10 grand that would be a good deal.

    OBRYANMAINT LawnSite Senior Member
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    also power is not necessarily good since most of it is electrical from a repair standpoint could be more expensive for the part and time to trouble shoot the problem may be greater of course like snow pro mentioned get them down on price a lot and you could be good to go now you also have some more ammo to barter with since some of the things you actually want can also be bad selling points if you go at it the right way
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    I bought a 1995 F 250, minus plow for $8500. Therefore, I agree with the post that stated $10,000 would be a steal with front and rear plow.

    Anything more than $12,000 and you are paying too much IMHO. Go to http://www.kelleybluebook.com and look up the trade value of that vehicle. That will give an idea what a dealer would pay for the vehicle, as equipped. They list prices for good, fair, etc. Carefully rate the truck's condition.

    Good luck, I hope it works out for you. Keep in mind the plows will add <b>some</b> value to the bluebook price.

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