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Whats next? need some help?


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Rakin green
Hello everyone who reads this/
I need some advice here. First year going legit and I just do resedential services. Ive worked a full time job to build it up and heres where I am at right now.

I have my liability insurance I just purchased(million dollar policy)$25/month
I purchased my DBA name with the state. $35.00
Now do I have to go to the city and get a license thru them to be able to do business in my area or stating Im doing business?

What else am I missing here?
Just want to be legit this year that was my goal before April.

Thank You


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Omaha, Nebraska
i would go to an accountant.
tell him you want him to do your tax return at the end of the year.
ask what he wants you to keep for records and get some tips on the tax issues, as well as goin legit.
also, payroll/paycheck services are good to use if you will have any part time help.


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Get quickbooks pro it will help you track how your business is doing.
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Glendale, Az
You will need to go to the city where you are doing buisness and get a license. Standard. Also do get a program such as Quickbooks, or Peachtree. They are both very good, but some CPA's only work with one or the other. Do you have any employees? If you do then you will need Workmans Comp. insurance. That price varies from state to state depending on how its charged. In Az we are charged by our payroll