What's out there in ride-on spray machines

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by hertelbr, Nov 14, 2001.

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    I thought you got one of these a long time ago. After a full season on mine I would not trade it for any other riding sprayer. Tom did his homework. I tried as much as possible to help him where I could. I already owned the Z-cart he makes. Was my stopgap. Used it to apply fert for 2 years. Now I use it to spray areas that are hard to get at. My Z-spray is dedicated to just fertilizing. No sprayer attached. I might in the future. He is going to be making 36" model for all you that need to get thru a gate. This is quite a machine.
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    This machine looks to be worth looking into do you have a number or address I can call and get some info. It would be much appreciated.
  3. Brandon,

    You can reach them at

    L. T. Rich Products
    920 Hendricks Dr.
    Lebanon, IN 46052

    Phone: 765-482-2040
    email: z_cart@yahoo.com

    I hope this helps.
  4. Thanks Rich for posting it for me. I was looking for it in the filing cabinet and couldn't locate it.
  5. Morturf: I bought it at the KY expo to get the $1700 lower price and will have it delivered it in Feb.

    Although you couldn't peal me off the thing at the expo.

    I've seen other brand used by TG/CL, and seen them tear some stuff up with it bad.

    When I use the Z-Spay at the expo it had 100#'s of lime that got wet in it and 30 gal. of water. I had a hard time getting it to spin out or tear up what crappy turf they had there. I got on the competeters machine right next to it, and had a tuff time getting used to it, and also layed it on it's side on flat ground, with nothing in it.

    It took me maby 10 minutes to get used to the controls and get a feel for the 4MPH ground speed with the spedometer on it. After a few minutes I didn't even look at it, and knew I was at 4MPH. Plus it has a top ground speed of 8MPH for traveling. The controls were easyer to reach and use or adjust as needed, without bending down and try to look for a valve to switch when you want to use a slower gear like th other one. Also it has a reostat hooked up to the speader to control your distance for speading. It also has a deflector you can put down for trimming with the speader. Plus you have a 3 section boom with 1 valve for each one. You can turn off any one of the 3 sets independently. I would find that usefull for trimming with it for the spraying.
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    I've been thinking about picking up a compact utility tractor and using a 3 point sprayer. Many ag companies sell these sprayers and will build booms of any size that are foldable and zoned to shut off one section while the other is still going. I've seen some for large acreages as wide as 21 feet. That will cover a lot of ground, and for medium lots, fold the booms and spray with the center section. Run a pump off the PTO and mount the boom control on the fender. You could also use the 3 point to spread dry fertilizer on large properties, albeit not similtaneously with spray. You could also use it to unload pallets of fertilizer off you trailer if you didn't have a forklift.
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    Hey JLC,
    Just a note to let you know I am from iowa too. As a matter of fact, my sister lives in Marshalltown. The compact tractor idea is ok if the lawns you are talking about very large and wide open areas. I have 2 compacts and use them only on the most open of areas. I will say this, I was thru your town a few weeks ago and there is about the best all around used tractor you can get at the JD dealer there. A 955 is a great machine for this. There is one other thing about the pallet comment. You will probably need a larger machine than a compact to do forklift duties over 1500 lbs. Hope this helps.
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    Glad to hear you were in my area. I was just out looking at the compacts at the JD dealer on Saturday. One question, how are you guys keeping a steady speed while spraying with the hydro machines? Do you just get a feel for the speed you are supposed to be applying at or to you have fancy controls that sense speed and adjust the psi/application rate automatically?

    Also for those using the Z-spray sized machines...are you using that in the 10k plus yards and hand spraying the rest? I would think that smaller jobs would go just as quick by hand as compared to riding and touching up the areas the booms wont reach.


    Have you looked at the other sprayer the mfg of you current rig makes? It is based off of a JD Gator and looks like it may be better suited to the extra weight.
  9. If it will fit I will be taking it. Also the Z-Spray has break-a-way booms on it.

    There are many ride on sprayers on the market. I am going with the Z-Spray. I have never been concerened with the price of a machine, but been concerened with the stabillity and productivity of a machine.

    It does have a 20' hose with a sprayer on the end, I think you could add more lenght to it if you wanted to not use a back pack.
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    What is it you guys are afraid of in using a rider on small properties. I use my PG anywhere I can drive it, even if its 2500 ft. Why push or walk or pull hose or what ever??? These machines are manuerverable, efficient and effective.

    You can't walk or pull hose at 5 MPH can you? I'll knock off a 4k lawn including blowing fert off drive and patio, unload and load, and paperwork in 12 minutes more or less.

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