whats over seeding??

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by james 1, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. james 1

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    i went to day to do spring cleanup to a new customer and she told if i can over seed her lawn i didn't say much about it because i don't know anything about over seeding and she is new, i will be mowing her yard once a week and i don't want to loose the account
    what should i do about it?????
  2. Envy Lawn Service

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    For God sakes..........
  3. Xterminator

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    Seed The Yard you dont need a License or Cert. to do that put down the Seed
  4. LawnGuy73

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    How can you offer lawn services and not know what overseeding is? Im not trying to be an ass or or anything, but come on..:rolleyes:
  5. befnme

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    come on dude get real :nono: . you say you have been in business for 2 years and dont know what overseeding is .:laugh: i think it's time for a career change.
  6. zmowing

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    Don't feel bad I'll teach you.go to lesco, ask them what seed you need and starter fertilzer. rent a seeder slicer then slice the seed in the ground.Measure the property so you know how much product you need.
  7. cwlawley

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    ^ What are you talking about....this kid doesn't know what overseeding is, much less how to slice seed or being liscensed to do fertilizer.

    Overseeding is simply throwing (with use of a spreader) grass seed on the top of the exsisting lawn. You can do this and then tell her to water a lot. It isn't hard to do - charge her $20-25 bucks plus supplies.

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    And to think that for many years, people watched TV for comedy on Sat night. This one is fun!! Thanks Guys
  9. dcondon

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    Ya don't start trying to explain slice seed to the pour little guy. Through some seed down and rake it in.:waving:
  10. topsites

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    First off, when I started I did not know what overseeding meant and this is the 'starting in business' section and I am sure an end to the smart comments would be appreciated. It is ok to poke a bit of fun, but at least help the guy out instead of putting people down for asking questions. If you can't / are not willing to help, the off-topic thread is usually a good place to waste some time.

    That having been said...
    Overseeding is the process of spreading seed (over) top of existing grass.
    Obviously, one can not overseed if grass does not exist.

    Hence, the two types of seed applications are called fresh or new lawn seeding, and overseeding.
    As for me, I just say seeding... duh...

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