What's second best to Real Green Systems

Discussion in 'Lawn Care Business Management' started by Bunton Guy, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. Sandy Toole

    Sandy Toole LawnSite Member
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  2. Sandy Toole

    Sandy Toole LawnSite Member
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    Have you had any luck on software for your spray division? I am looking for lawn treatments, mowing, grounds maintenance and monthly bed maintenance. Tried SA and the accounting/sync is not great! I hope you have some answers!
  3. Bunton Guy

    Bunton Guy LawnSite Silver Member
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    Business is taking off disappointing slow....so software is very low priority right now.

    We are using manage mart until we get to the point where we outgrow it.

    Unfortunately none of our advertisements has brought in enough money to keep moving forward at a pace we expected. After several thousand dollars in various advertisements we've had 6 phone calls.
  4. BrandonV

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    wow that is sad to hear. charlotte is a tricky market I'd imagine.
  5. Bunton Guy

    Bunton Guy LawnSite Silver Member
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    Fortunately it's not my only source of income as we are primarily a maintenance company.

    I was using what has been working for advertisement from the maintenance side and tried it with the fert side. Obviously ins't working and will need to figure out some changes.
  6. Jaldo

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    A few years ago I bought this LawnCare Pro CD program for $15.00 and it works great for me. It does schedule,billing,payments,and many more. No need to pay monthly. For routing I use an app.
  7. jbell36

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    I hear you. We use gopher, which is along the same lines as LawnPro or any other basic desktop software. They both do a great job at certain things, which are the basics which are what you said. You can keep track of invoices, payments, scheduling, and well, that's about it. And it's a one time fee of under $400, never have to pay another dime. Stepping up to a mobile software has it's pro's, though.

    Think about these scenarios. What happens if:

    - Someone broke into your home or office and stole your desktop computer.
    - Lost your desktop computer in a fire/flood/tornado.
    - Your desktop computer crashes.

    What would you do? Better question is, what COULD you do? Well, the answer is nothing. It's most likely gone forever.

    If you had a cloud based software you will have it backed up forever. Also, you can access it anywhere there is internet, and that means you can work from home or the office, or get creative and hook it up in your truck, mobile office.

    I feel like we are playing with fire with our desktop computer/software, and one of these days we are gonna get burned. Having a cloud based software where all my information is backed up would help me sleep at night.

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