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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by delphied, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. delphied

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    I know there is a website that has all the info to bid jobs. As I understand it, you plug in your equipment including tow vehicle and where the job is ,ETC. this calculator tells what you need to bid to make it profitable. anyone know the site?
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    ya i'd like to know too
  3. topsites

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    That would be nice but I don't foresee myself using one, more so because there are simply too many variables, but also the only way it would work is if I didn't have to drive out there to look at it in the first place...
    Because if I'm already out there looking at the job LS certainly is more than good enough for feedback if I'm not sure, and if I am sure then I don't need the calculator :laugh:

    And I'm sorry but there ain't no way I'm bidding blind (w/out looking at it), I already get super nervous when a customer holds me back from physically looking at some part of the job in question, I don't like blind spots at all... Only way around it is take a chance, pretend it will be ok and promptly lose my tail, or bid it high enough to include most possibilities (i.e.: overbid and /fail the estimate).

    Only place I know of that comes in handy is the County property assessor, as it gives me the square footage of the lot, this helps confirm what I'm thinking far as size, and gives me a heads up on what I'm dealing with.
    The county site can be found via google "yourcounty property assessment" without the quotes, or something along those lines, not all county sites offer this.
    Short of the county site there's www.zillow.com, but all it does is give square footage and a rough estimate on the value of the home, but I do find this kind of heads up information helpful. Still I always have to go look at it, compromise on this and I foresee trouble.

    That's my take on things, I'd be interested in seeing a calculator but wouldn't rely on it 100%, not without looking at it and making up my own mind about the job, it likely could come in handy at times, such as when the price is way off it might serve as a warning...
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  5. delphied

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    The site tells you how much it costs per hour to run your mower and tow vehicle. It is a tool to help you actually know your turning a profit and not just think you are. There are alot of folks that think gasoline is the only cost of running a mower.

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