Whats the best advertising money you've spent???

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by New2TheGreenIndustry, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. JContracting

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    I had a decent yield on doorhangers. My website is near the top when you google my city and w.e service.
    I am trying EDDM this year and hope to see good results.
    Ill be lettering my truck & the enclosed trailer I'm buying as well.
    Dyc, your website looks great!
  2. lawn crafters

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    Correy.. where did you find the . Text the yardboy to #.. It seems like itd work well
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  3. corey4671

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    have you tried it yet?
  4. slowleak1

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    I looked into it, but there website is pretty useless. Can you fill us in on what plan you used? There options on the website are confusing and non-descriptive.
  5. corey4671

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    The easiest plan to use is the Mcard.You have "your name" at 90210 and the customer gets an instant response.
  6. CLS_Birmingham

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    Best money you'll ever spend is lettering your truck, signs in clients yards on busy streets, SEO (Definitely worth every penny), and flat out networking. The market is saturated with every lawn company in business constantly putting up flyers. To many clients, they'll see your flyer and throw it in the pile with the other 50 flyers they received that week. Learn to make your company standout. Be creative in your approach. Its the only way your going to get noticed. And turn your clients into your sales force. With an over saturated market, people are turning more to sites like yelp when deciding what service to go with. So if your clients are satisfied with your work, offer them incentives to spread the word. I know many successful business owners who have built such a good reputation, that the only advertising they have is word of mouth.
  7. SullysAllSeasons

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    Still wondering how it's done though...Please Share!!! Sounds like a great marketing tool I would love to put to work in my area:clapping:
  8. slowleak1

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    Do like he says, text "theyardboy" to 90210

    Its simple, put 90210 as your recipient and theyardboy in for the message, and watch the magic.
  9. SullysAllSeasons

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    Obviously I understand how the texting and learning more about HIS business works...but I want to know how to set one up for MY business so I can implement this marketing strategy in my service area:hammerhead:
    Do you just contact your phone provider?? Is this an outside company that provides the service??
  10. tonygreek

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    The company he's recommending is a multi-level marketing business. You can only use the short code text service he is touting by signing up under him, or another "member" of the MLM.

    Here's a similar short code service, that is not an MLM. I have no affiliation nor am I a customer of them, but I know people who do use them.


    Or just Google sms short code service

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