Whats the best advertising these days?


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hey everyone I just moved to a new state and teying to get my business going. I need to advertise the most effective ways possible. Any care to share effective strategies?
Thanks so much!


What worked before you moved?

First start I would try as many options as you can afford and then focus on what's working.

Website would be my first priority. Then get it listed. From there I would go either flyer/mailer or radio ads depending on your local.
Yeah, like BigJLittleC said, a website should be your main priority. Followed by getting your Google My Business and Bing Places claimed.

You can start your own website pretty easily with SquareSpace (don't get your domain through them though. Get it through a company like hover.com).

Then optimize your website's SEO from there. You can save a lot of money doing it yourself. But that doesn't mean you'll do it right or save a lot of time.

The biggest thing would be understanding what your advertising budget is. If it's nothing, then I would attempt to start building your own website.

If you have a few hundred bucks, you may want to get a nice door hanger designed or put out a saturation/EDDM mailer.

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The best advertising is "word of mouth" and "social media" hands down. Both free by the way.

People talk and when happy about your service, pricing, reliability, and honesty, they tell others. On the other hand, when they're not happy, they will tell even more others.

When first starting off, concentrate on an area, hit it with some flyers. Price jobs a little lower than average (But not too much,
because you step on other company's toes and keep prices at 1994 level, like they still are today in 2020, LOL).

Then absolutely do the best job you possibly can. Show up like clock work, follow up with customers. DO WHAT YOU SAY YOUR GONNA DO! Communicate, tell all your frinds and family, sell other services, offer neighbor discounts. I promise you, before you know it, you will be growing. Doesn't happen over night. Keep grinding and busting your arse!

My budget for advertising nowadays is purchasing company t-shirts and hoodies. $0 for any other advertising as has been for 15 plus years. Do it right, grow slowly, but steadily. Your success is up to you!!!


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Nothing says here today gone tomorrow like a door magnet (no offence, I was a door magnet guy too)

trailer decals (paid off huge for me!)

election size signs, put on your customers lawns in high profile locations. Any put on boulevards, public land and parks just go missing

door hangers paid off well too

a website is good (I will do one some day)

and all the other good habits mentioned pay off too

don’t be a low baller though, just attracts the wrong clients and pissed off competition

I like to break bread and be friends with my competition, we draw soft borders and refer business to each other and keep in our own areas.

I had a pos low baller enter my area. He put “his” signs right “in front of mine where I put up some of my old disposable signs on public property. Such a ****** bag!!


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I think (hope) he was joking about the truck magnets lol