Whats the best brand of fertilizer on the market?

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by griffy77, Oct 18, 2005.

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    Hey guys,

    Ive been using Scotts plus weed control this year and so far pretty impressed with the weed control. I started back now with the winterizer plus weed control but it doesnt seem to be doing anything? I thought about switching back to generic fertilizer and try controlling weeds with 3-way or something similar from lesco. A generic bag of 6-24-24 is only $7.00 versus $35 for scotts with the weed control. The only difference that i could think in quality of the 2 fertilizers is that Scotts maybe more accurate when it comes to the NPK. I have used generic fertilizers and have had excellent results. I liked the combo with weed killer and thats why I switched over this summer to Scotts, but for the price the results arent that great.

    What do you pros recommend. Also how much attention do you put on potassium this time of year? I am thinking about boosting my potassium levels way up now and mid summer next year. We got hit here in WV with a hot dry summer turning everyones yard brown. I think potassium may help prevent browning when there are drought conditions.
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    The labeling on the bag is supposed to be accurate and since i dont have a chemical test kit i have to assume it is what the manufacturer says it is. Brand name has little bearing on the ingredents. Different manufactures will make different blends but the base materials should be what they say they are. Nitrogen can be derived from different sources, same for P and K but the bag should list the types of these nutrients as well as any other nutrients that are added to the bag. Cheaper ag grade fertilizer is just as good as the more expensive brands as long as it contains the same type of nutrients in the same ratios. You can also buy single nutrient fertilizers, ie, 34/0/0, 46/0/0. 0/46/0, 0/0/50, 0/0/60, etc. and make your own blends, all you need is some basic math skills. When buying single nutrient fertilizers you might have to buy larger amounts than you normally would if you bought a pre-blended fertilizer but most fertilizer manufacturers will special blend fertilizer for you as long as you take a predetermined amount. Royster Fertilizer company used to require that you take 12 tons to get it special blended but now I have been told that they will special blend a ton at a time. Even a ton might be more than you want to buy at any one purchase, but if you are doing lots of fertilizations or new seedings, a ton wont last very long and can save you as much as $200-300 over buying one bag at a time.

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    Lesco :cool2:
  4. hole in one lco

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    lesco fert. Iv used 3 way all year but you need to mix it with quick silver for good results. so i went back to momentum
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    Whats the best brand of fertilizer on the market?

    Human urine. No really!! Every old farmer and gardener will always mumble something about "maiden's water" when asked why their flowers or tomatoes look so good. The old adage "if ya can't eat it or f%$@ it, p!$$ on it!! really was a rather useful saying.
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    yeah i would love to see the look on my customers face when they came out to see me pissing on their lawn!!:realmad:

    I have heard momentum is pretty good also confront. I wanted to try quicksilver to combat violets but the cost of 8oz bottle was $200!!
  7. Garth

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    You could always save that stunt for the non-paying wanker customers. LOL
  8. ArizPestWeed

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    You you service the non paying type , Gareth ?:)
  9. lilmarvin4064

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    Anyone try Drive 75 on wild violets? It's labeled for it, but haven't tried it myself though. Try mixing Momentum + Drive + spreader sticker.
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    We did have a doctor who went postal after we raised our prices and he refused to pay us what he owed. We maintained several properties for him and the increase was 15% because of gas prices. He told us that he wouldn't negotiate with us so we dropped him for non-payment. That was six months ago. He called me this morning wanting to resume service because the city had fined him over $7000 for clean-up and had just red-tagged two other properties he owned with a "fix it in 30 days or else we will". Needless to say I enquired about the $635 he owed and grumbling he said he'd mail a cheque immediately. When I see the cheque we'll talk.payup

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