Whats the best business software?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by K.Carothers, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. K.Carothers

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    I heard quickbooks is a good software program for our line of work. I would like to know who uses it and what benefits it has brought to your business?
  2. ztoro

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    You know I have Quickbooks at my office, some in my group use for a small comany we own.. So I started playing with it... I am thinking I am going to use it... It has setup and templates for Construction companies which can easily be adjusted(dont really even need to) for Lawncare....

    My plan is to run with it come spring..... I havent found anything negative about it yet. I am hoping I can get it to sync up with a PDA so I can use the PDA all day and then come home and link up to the PC and upload all the work details.....

    This is the only info I can supply at this time for you. You should be able to get a sample on line somewhere...
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    Hi K.Carothers,

    Please also consider downloading our fully functional trial version as well.

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