Whats the best deal you got on used equipment

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tramahor, Mar 1, 2002.

  1. tramahor

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    Just wondering what some of your better used deals you have been able to get. Today I bought (from a lco that was going out of business) a new (prob used once or twice a Husky bp blower and a Kawi weed eater for 160.00. Also I found and will pick up tomorrow A 1990 44" Toro wb for 350.00 with a 12.5 Kawi, An older Ryan aerator for 300.00 and a 36 exmark (1995) for 500.00. All these things are form a company that does construction and landscaping to augment there services, Anything used for a few years they sell for next to nothing. What a good find, and just to think I have been looking on ebay all this time for something that was in my town. Like to hear some of yout finds. Thanks guys.....

    Ramirez Landscaping Co
  2. Trauma

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    Got an Exmark Metro with mulch kit and sulky, and a trailer, all of it 6 months old with maybe 50 hours on it, for $2000. Not too bad, considering that was exactly what I wanted anyway.

  3. outrunjason

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    When I was 18 I was at a pawn shop and saw a Sihl BR400 back pack blower for sale. I had know idea at the time that it was such a great buy. I just thought it was another brand you could get at your local home depot.

    $140 they wanted. You could not choke it with out some plyers because the piece to turn it with was missing. I talk them down to $120. I have had it every since and know problems.

    Bought a Toror Pro-line commercial for $150 at a garage sale. They said it would not run. I got it home and it turned out the muffler was clogged.

    2 years later I bought another pro-line commercial for $200. Only problem was the deck had about an inch gash out of it in the back.

  4. landman

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    from NJ
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    95 F450 4x4 12' Rack dump w/ 8' plow, 84 F250 4x4 w 7 1/2' plow, 16' open, 16' enclosed trailers, 60 accounts, 3 employees, and the contents of the guys bussiness, hand tools, BP blowers, thatcher, 3-48", 2-36", 1-52", 1-60", 1-72" rider, all for the low price of $20,000
  5. Bunton Guy

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    I got one of those SCAG commercial edgers for free....didnt work when I got it so I took the carb off and it was just clogged. Worked like new sold it for $20 bucks..prolly worth alot more seing it was only like 2 years old. Sold Bobcat 36" w.b for $200.00 ran fine started on first pull. Have gotten various free trimmers,blowers,edgers and other 2-cycle equipment (friends with a small engine repair shop owner) and have fixed them and sold them for dirt cheap.
  6. awm

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    that without a doubt would be the 52 lazer excellent condition
  7. Samurai WeedWacker

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    Got a Honda 521 snowthrower and a Honda 621 snowthrower for $350 each. Both looked new. New price would be $975 each, plus tax.
  8. SLS

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    An old man who lives next to one of my accounts came out one day and asked "Hey, you want a lawnmower?". Fearing the worst but with nothing to lose I said "Let me take a look at it".

    He opened his shed doors and there sat a 1978 Cub Cadet 1000 with an R44 deck.... with 300 hrs on the meter!

    I aked him if it had any problems..."yeah, it wont start, it leaks gas, and the tires are flat."

    Well, the float was stuck, the battery was dead, and the tires had gone flat from sitting unused for 3 years. I grabbed my toolbox, air tank, oil and gas cans, and jumper cables and went to work. 30 minutes later I was cutting his lawn with it. :D

    I told him I felt bad about taking it as it was so easy to fix but he said "A deal's a deal...I like my little Snapper better anyway...besides I need the room in the shed. "

    I'm in the process of detailing it now. A little more painting and a seat cover and she'll look like new. What a deal!
  9. Mowingman

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    Recently bought a Grasshopper 721D/62"deck mower for $2000.00 from one of our local dealers. Has new hydro. units on both sides, new seat, new battery, new deck drive shaft, and 3 new tires. Dealer sold it to me after previous owner could not pay repair costs. It runs great.:D
  10. outrunjason

    outrunjason LawnSite Senior Member
    from dallas
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    I forgot one. I got a used Whipper clipper edger for $50 from an old friend. Used it for about a year the sold it for $100


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