What's the Best Engine?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CA Enterprises, Feb 29, 2000.

  1. CA Enterprises

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    Hello all, I am looking at purchasing a John Deere LT155 with a 48" deck. This series offers Kohler, Briggs and Straton, and Kawasaki engines. What do you think about these? Which one would be better? I have heard bad things about B&S, somewhat think a Kohler would be better. Kohler is pretty good for generators. Any thoughts? By the way this tractor has the Hydor-stat drive system. Thanks in advance.
  2. Lazer

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    I'd buy a Kawasaki and then Kohler.
  3. kermit

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    I'm really lucky that my brother is a certified marine and motorcycle mechanic as well as a small engine expert. He tells me that the B&S engines are crap. I have had to put a short block on the Kohler in my groundsmaster at 2500 hrs, probably because I didn't pay attention to oil changes on a regular basis. Also blew the crank seal out of the Kohler because an emplyee over-filled it with oil once, pain in the **s. In any case, the Kawasaki is light years ahead of the others according to those who work on them. Same thing with the Honda's on small equipment. I'm slowly changing to quality motors as I wear out the crappy domestic engines they came with. Next time I buy equipment it'll have a quality Japanese engine.

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