What's the best grass for Kentucky?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bob E, May 4, 2004.

  1. Bob E

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    Does anyone have any opinons for ENVIRO BLUE seed from pennington?

    It is a blend of their PLANTATION tall fescue and BLUEGRASS (living in Kentucky I have to have some bluegrass) along with some FINE FECUSE for shade tolerence.

    My concern is how well it wear under traffic. The dog has made some really nice paths around our 1 acre back yard and I'd like something that would stand a chance off keeping these at least partially covered.

    I am thinking about overseeding now MAY (since I have some bare patches where I killed off the weeds) and again in the fall. Is this too much?

  2. LawnMower

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    When I first opened this thread, I thought it was going to be a joke. You sound quite legitimate.

    Now I wish I had an answer other then Kentucky Blue Grass.
  3. dmc456

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    This is easy. Confederate turf type tall fescue. I have it in my lawn in Louisville. Send me a PM and you can take a look. I also have two large dogs. This is the same turf used on the great lawn down on the water front. If it can live through thunder and all the summer concerts, it might handle a dog. I live over by Spring Hurst if you want to see what it looks like this weekend.
  4. grasswhacker

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    Bluegrass is not a very good grass for KY. A fine bladed fescue is better for heat and drought tolerance in this area. Fescue also does not thatch like bluegrass, nor does it go dormant as soon in the hot months.
    Crossfire 2 is also a good variety. You can also get petite type fescues that have a slower growth rate.
    I would not overseed now, wait to renovate in Aug/Sept, or wait until Jan. and overseed while the ground is frozen. I call that my no labor method! lol

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