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Whats the best pushmower on the market?


LawnSite Senior Member
Smyrna, De
Hey guys I take care of a small stores lawn and it has a real steep slope on it and I have used a Husq. push mower well this thing is crap, but its also the howeowners model. My question is should I use my Gravely 36in walkbehind or buy a new push mower. Ive never used the gravely on steep hills so Im not sure how it will do! Thanks alot!

Rick Jones

LawnSite Senior Member
If your Gravely will hold the slope, then use that.

The best pushmower on the market is the Toro Commercial 21" or the Exmark Metro 21". Although you might want to consider a Lawn-Boy commercial 21" for slopes, with its 2 cycle engine and lightweight design.

Lawn Dog2001

LawnSite Bronze Member
South Carolina
Originally posted by Craftybigdog
I have used a Husq. push mower well this thing is crap, but its also the howeowners model
Dont bother with Huskys commercial 21" either. It is absolutely no better. Beleive me!

If you are just using it for some hills I would buy a cheap light craftsman 21" push mower to do the job. #1 they are so cheap they are disposable. #2 they are light and will handle easily on a hill.

I got fed up with 21"s last year, so I went out and bought a 21" Craftsman with 5.5 Honda engine on it. It mulches great, It never broke down once all last year, and it is light as a feather. Not bad for $250. Its red and it even matches my Exmarks.


LawnSite Member
I just bought a Cub Cadet commercial RB600 midel and like it alot. I usually swear by Toro but this machine is really nice. The only downside is its rather expensive for a 21 inch walk behind $600.00 and it weighs alot more than my toro models. However the RB600 is heavy and powerful enough that you could almost use a sulky with it.


I really like the Lawn-Boy Commercial 21 inch pushmower


LawnSite Silver Member
Honda hrc 216 hxa is the best that I have found. I like the toro and exmark but I belive the honda motor will outlast by far. I have owned several honda equiptment and never had a problem. So far I have over 300 hours on the 216 and not a problem. Another LCO has had one for 5 years and probably has well over 2000 hrs on it with no problems to date.


LawnSite Member
exmark and toro push mowers with 2 cycle engines and cast decks are the best. best vacuum system for bagging, great mulchers, and great drive systems. priced high, but for a reason, you get what you pay for. have a 10 year old toro and is still kickin.


LawnSite Senior Member
If the most important thing is for it to be used for steep hills, I would try a hovering trimmer by Husqvarna. The HVT52 is a 2 cycle with 3.5hp with a 21in cut. They do make smaller lighter units also. With this type mower there are no wheels to slip.