Whats the best shot at getting new clients

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by just cuts lawn care, Apr 19, 2011.

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    Hey everyone I have gotten some great advice on this site so I will keep asking questions I have around 18-20 accounts but wanting to get a lot more commercial and residential accounts any advice on best bet to get more jobs I have signs on truck but no hits from that so far very competitive in my area everyone has a lawn business licenesd or not any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    Word of Mouth has been my best, most will tell you this is the best form of advertisement and it is true, it does take a little longer but your returns should be better out of those clients.

    Other than that - Door hangers - although not extremely effecient % wise, also have brought in the most bang for the buck for me other than WOM.

    Next - network, network, network....the more people you know, especially outside your field of work, the more business you will get but do not forget it works both ways...you throw them business and they will throw it your way too.

    Good luck
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    Like Mr. Geist said network. Start with a good local CPO. Most of them don't offer mowing services. Conversely most LCO's don't have the appropriate license to treat turf nor the time and effort required to obtain one. Its a win-win situation for both. Several guys on here do so and can attest to its mutual benefits.
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    Ha now theres the question of the night. I'd say time money networking/word of mouth, in no real order.
  5. just cuts lawn care

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    thanks for the tips but patriot services what is a cpo and lco i have seen that term before but forgot what they stand for thanks
  6. Patriot Services

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    Commercial Pesticide Operator. The holy grail of certs in FL. Years of experience and ceu's required to sit for a test designed to fail people with a b.s. in hort or agronomy. But once you get it, almost a license to steal in this state.
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