whats the best skid steer...

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by zim bob the landscaper, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. all ferris

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    The best skid steer is one that does everything, doesn't break, and is comfortable to use. You are going to have to try them all to find this out. IMO you would be better off with a rubber track machine from a brand that has been around for awhile.
  2. Tigerotor77W

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    I drive a Toyota... *ducks*

    But my primary transportation are my two feet or a bicycle of some sort (depends on whether I'm on or off campus).


    Okay, back on topic, since we've gone into the suggestions phase, I will shout praise at the Bobcat A300. So Bobcat A300! If you have a unlimited budget, soak 'em up! :blob1: *sigh* But since we're not all the richest contractors (or dumb ones), the S250 is still a great piece 'o metal. It won't pick up 4,000 pound pallets at truck bed height (or will do so just barely), but it is I think one of the best all-around vertical lift skid steers made today.
  3. ksss

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    Because no one would expect any less. CASE builds a quality skid steer. They are seldom the least expensive, but atleast for me, worth the money.
  4. RockSet N' Grade

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    Machines now are becoming so competative in the Skid Steer market, the first thing we look at is service. Can I breakdown and be up and running in a short time or have a rental show up as they pick up my machine for repairs? After service, I look at job application and creature comforts. I like to start clean, end clean, and have good tunes inbetween.....it never works that way, but it sounds good.....I always end up dirty, but an enclosed cab helps.
    I use gehl skids, gehl track hoes.....although I am currently looking at BobCats new A300 with their new wheeled steering system.
  5. Tigerotor77W

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    RockSet, what Gehl models do you run? Welcome to the forums btw!
  6. bobcatboy

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    I demoed a gehl 7810, very smooth that damed thinf has tones of power. When you put the bucket into the earth and go to digging this thing does not bog at all. The gehl I tested had pilot controls nice and smooth, the machine had good visability all aruond and most inportantly in the front were your attachments are. The cab was the biggest cab I have ever been in, it was a little niosey but I think It is tolarable. Overall I tihnk this is a nice machine. Anybody have any input on this particular model of gehl let me know.
  7. AtoZ

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    I just bought an ASV. This thing will go anywhere and do anything in any kind of weather. Makes my New Holland look like a corded phone... I will never buy a skid with tires again...

    Like everyones says - pick a dealer and brand you would like to work with. Certain brands and or designs are each engineered for a particular application...
  8. keerym

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    Anyone looking at an A300 bobcat should also consider a Cat 904B compact wheel loader. I'm told its right in there on price, plus you get a much more durable machine. The 904B takes skid steer attachments too, and has more tipping load than a skid steer. I would be curious to know if anyone has considered one?
  9. Tigerotor77W

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    Hey keerym, what part of central Illinois are you still in? (hahaha just kidding with ya, you don't need to answer that)

    Anyhow -- my thoughts on the 904B, simply from its specs, is that the lift height is a little low and the cab is a little high -- for certain applications. Also, turning the machine reduces lift capacity to that below the A300, which might be a consideration for landscapers looking to turn in tight areas (turning radius to outside corner of bucket is also a little more on the 904B). Finally, I'm not sure how the hystat system works on either machine, but the A300 does have a bigger powerplant.

    Either way, for certain applications, I think the 904B is a plausible alternative to the SSL.
  10. aungst

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    I have a rc30 asv with a weight package and a universal bucket adapter so you can fit any standard bucket on it. this thing is 4000 pounds with the weight kit and grapple on it. will do all that i ask. snow removal , it does side walks ! my big new holland can't go there. bobcat dealer told me tracks would suck in snow, they were out of their mind. perfect machine for landscape ,snow removal and as for tree work, it takes all the work out of it. the best brush dragger ever, leave 3 guys home , you won't need them.

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