whats the best thing to kill brush

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    We'd use Tardon, kills even large trees so becarefull.
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    Garlon (triclopyr) in diesel fuel (oil). Great for brush! Do not spray any part of any plant that you do not want to kill with this spray....it will penatrate bark. 3-6 months soil persistence.
    Get a label for garlon and take it from there........Brushmaster works good too....PBI Gordon product.

    DO NOT USE PRAMITOL(prometon) this stuff is for applying right before caping with a new asphalt driveway where there was a vegatation problem. Nasty stuff will kill trees FAST.

    Pete D.
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    2-4-D and diesal fuel. But nothing and I mean nothing will grow there. lol
    Tebuthiuron, bromacil or hexazione can be used as a soil treatment.
    But like was said before the safest thing to do is use roundup and a pre-m.

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