Whats the best tool for Cutting dead branches?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Lawncutting27, Jul 12, 2010.

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    I was planing on buying a kombi chainsaw unit but it's $250. A pruning pole is $50 at home depot, actually, I'm not sure why I'm making this thread. I think I'll almost certainly buy the pruning pole, I don't have a lot of tree work, just a couple customers but I was thinking of putting an ad in to see if there was interest in this sort of work for some extra money.

    I'm trying to get some of my mowing customers to hire me to cut there low lying branches to make my life easier. I'm tempted to cut some of these branches for free just so I don't have to dodge them while mowing.
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    depending on the diameter of the limb it will be a bear with a hand powered pruning saw. If you get more work invest in an extendable power pruner.
  3. If you want the ease and ability to get the job done quick, invest in a Silky Pole Saw. They are pricy, but they are worth it, especially in Florida with all of our palms.
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    I got the HT131 shihl pole saw and it makes short work of palms and tree limbs. It was $600 but worth it in the long run.
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    I didn't know they even made extendable ones. I just checked and stihl makes one but I can't tell if you just buy an extra pole to go between the chainsaw kombi and the engine... is that how they work?
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    Either a chain saw or a telescoping pole saw.
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    you'd be surprised how much you can do with a cordless saw zall.
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    If you have the kombi engine, then they make a kombi attachment, that can be used with an extra pole in the middle for more length.

    The extendable pole pruner is not a kombi attachment. It has more reach, but is only sold mated to the engine.

    There are a number of styles of handsaw blades out there, but only two that stand out as good.

    The "fleam" style blade (as used by Silky, Corona, etc) has vicious looking pointy teeth (its a Japanese pull saw type blade), and cross-cuts green wood quickly, but cannot be re-sharpened, and can "stick". Because of its aggressiveness, it can be hard to start a cut, can get stuck in the cut, and will tear your skin to shreds. Still, it cuts very fast.
    I spray mine down with silicone lubricant to keep sap from sticking to the blade, and to prevent it from binding in the cut.

    The "woodzig" style blade has curved teeth that can be sharpened with a chainsaw file. Fiscars sells these now, and I REALLY like it. Its easier to start and maintain good cutting, and isn't much slower at removing wood.

    A better pole (more strength and less weight) such as the foam filled fiberglass Jameson, will speed up cutting a bit too.

    No handsaw will compete with a chainsaw when it comes to speed though.

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