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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by stuntmanlogan, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. meets1

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    I would get something bigger personally. A few more dollars for an extra 4-6 ft is well worth it. 14 is bare min - 16 is ok, 18 is better. Even if you don't need to room now, what about the future - not 3 years from now but when your hauling branches away for some old lady and there you sit with your mower and no room - does that mean I make two trips - cost money, should of got bigger trailer or tell the lady no cuz I have winny trailer - which cost you money cuz you just lost a lucritive money paying job. I have a 20ft and 12 ft for sale. Heck I could meet ya half way. Let me know! PM me if you can.
  2. scooterdayton

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    i still have about 4 feet or so in the back to throw the rest of the tools and push mowers behind that. plenty of room, all you really need in my opinion, if your planning to throw your debris in the back of your truck. thats all i do. and untill i get a dump im just using a loadhandler.
    had to go 6.5 because of how wide my deck is. if you were going up to 52" zt in future all you'd need is 6x12. if you want a bigger mower then you might wanna go wider than 6 just for comfort.
    id go to a local dealer and buy a brand new one, dont trust anybodys left overs.
    hope this helps.

  3. stuntmanlogan

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    Thanks everyone i think im just going to pick up a 6.5x12 H&H single axle trailer this spring.
  4. bigclawnman

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    I would at least go dual axel. And I agree go with a longer trailer. That extra feet will help as you expand your business. You never know when you get that big job with a lot of debris, mulch etc. Don't short change yourself when you start out.
  5. BIGBEN2004

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    I run a Cam Superline and love it. I think they are only made in PA though. I know Eager Beaver and Tow Master make some very good trailers but come with a price tag though.
  6. Rizzo

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    In Iowa you will be hard pressed to find anything better than an H&H. I have had 2 of them and they are fantastic. Lifetime warranty on the floor and 10 year on the frame. Made in Iowa also. I have had 4 yards of hardwood mulch on my 6.5x12 single axle with out a problem. (wouldn't do it everyday though) Don't get sucked into the "buy the biggest you can" talk either. Bigger is harder to get around in the small neighborhoods and store at your house. I started with a 7x16 haulmark enclosed and kept buying smaller until I now use a 5x10 HH steel side. You can always sell the trailer if you need to move up in the future. Is this for a full time biz or solo part time? Good luck!
  7. TomberLawn

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    I'm torn between the "buy a big trailer" route and "get what you need." My dad had a 6x10 that we used to haul our Gator on and I started using it for my mower. When we bought a tractor, we had to get a bigger trailer to haul it on, so we got a 6.5x16. I love the extra space, and the longer, tandem axle trailer tows much better. All the room is handy when doing leaf clean ups when you have your mower, a couple blowers, grass/leaf catchers, fuel cans, rakes, and all sorts of other stuff on the trailer so you can load up the truck bed with leaves. I don't have any racks as of now, so that would certainly help with the floor space. The 6x10 would do fine for me if all I had was the zero turn and if I had some racks for trimmers/blowers. But, like most of the guys are saying, small trailers fill up fast. A 6x12 or 6.5x12 will be plenty for now and offer some room for expansion. I'd recommend the 6.5 width if you can get it in that length. The extra 6 inches isn't that much harder to handle on the road, but it means a lot when you're loading up equipment, especially if you ever get a 60" mower.
  8. Raven386

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    especially a 60" Lazer w/ultravac.....barely fits on my 6X14. wish i wouldve got a 7X16

    WHITESLAWNCARE LawnSite Member
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    texasbragg makes a nice trailer. Its all in what u need and want, big/small heavy/lite there are many options and if your planning on growing your biz think for the future
  10. stuntmanlogan

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    How much did you pay for the 6.5x12 and were did you get it.

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