What's the best walk-behind?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by VWBug61083, Jan 17, 2000.

  1. VWBug61083

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    from Texas
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    What is the best walk-behind mower. I'd like to buy a 36in, but I'm not sure what brand. I have heard good things about Scag & Exmark, mixed opinions about Lesco, also heard that Encore sucks. Which one is the best? What about Snapper?I haven't heard much about them.
  2. jakev

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    Go with eXmark.. snapper is not made for commercial use in my opinion.
  3. Keith

    Keith LawnSite Gold Member
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    I would buy an Exmark before a Scag. As a matter of fact I would buy most anything before another Scag. As you may guess I had a problem with Scag. I also had what was probably the first &quot;Florida Model&quot; Scag that replaced my original one. <p>On the plus side, if you don't cut grass in Florida you may be ok. :) And the Scag dealer and distributor recognized the problem and tried to correct it.<br>
  4. Kent Lawns

    Kent Lawns LawnSite Senior Member
    from Midwest
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    What about that Troy-Bilt Walk-Behind? They are light, cheap and they are built by Troy-Bilt, so you know they're good.
  5. docshank

    docshank LawnSite Member
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    Kent Lawns, I haven't seen the Troy-Bilt walk-behind that you are talking about. But I would be willing to bet that Troy-Bilt doesn't make it. MTD (not even MTD Pro) makes alot of Troy-Bilt's products. More than likely &quot;Light and Cheap&quot; is a good description of their walk-behinds. <p>----------<br>Doc Shank<br>
  6. thelawnguy

    thelawnguy LawnSite Silver Member
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    Ive looked at the troy bilt for hahas. Its a light, thin homeowner machine. One heavy twig, or hardened dog turd and the blades and deck are toast. At least with a commercial mower, you have a 3/16 inch steel blade and deck to keep the errant stick and stone on the ground. But for $1300 it makes an expensive trim mower.<p>As for the sturdiness, the tillers were good until troy bilt sold out to garden way several years back then the quality took a dive. Make no mistake the new ones are nothing like the one your father had.<p>Bill
  7. Lazer

    Lazer LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I think their limited warranty covers &quot;hardened dog turds&quot; :) LOL
  8. MOW ED

    MOW ED LawnSite Fanatic
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    I use a Toro Pro Line 15hp with a 44&quot; deck. The unit is a Hydro which is a must for time and ease. I added a Pro-Slide to tow my carcass around the big lawns and the mower is great. Its good in all weather also.
  9. Mow Ed the 52&quot; Toro deck is much better.<br>I have both decks. Because the 52&quot; has more<br>of an offset it trims better. Plus it just plain mows better and mulches better. Also<br>because the front casters are wider it is<br>more stable cutting across steep slopes.<p>A cheap way to upgrade to a 52&quot; deck is to<br>buy an old gear drive with a 52&quot; deck and<br>just switch decks (12 bolts and 2 belts).<p>The bagging kits (toro) are interchangable.<p>Try going to traderonline.com and look in the<br>misc. listing using toro as a search word.<p>A new 52&quot; deck is $1500+<br>You should be able to find a complete gear<br>drive unit with a 52&quot; for about $1k.<p>This way you also get a another complete spare mower just buy another sulky attachment plate.<p>IMHO you can never have enough lawn mowers.<p>
  10. JJ Lawn

    JJ Lawn LawnSite Senior Member
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    Don't knock the Troy-Bilt until you try it... :)<p>I used to have one that I used for getting into small gates. I just loved the 33&quot; deck and the compact size. Compaired to some WB mowers the short front(lengh)is great. Takes up less space on trailor, easier to manuvere, and it did have a beautiful cut. I especially liked the crank for adjusting the deck height. <p>But,ya'll are right about the deck...POS. And the frame was not strong enough for commercial use. The engine and drive train seemed to handle the load of everday use though.<p>If some manufacturer would build one in comercial quality I'd buy one in a heartbeat.<p>When I had my truck and trailor stolen, I had left the TB at home. While waiting for settlement, I borrowed a truck, loaded up the TB and mowed all 42 of my yards without missing a beat. Did that for 2 weeks. That $1400 machine saved my business, and gets my praise.<p><p>----------<br>Jim.....from Fouke, Arkansas (Home of the Boggy Creek Monster)<br>

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