Whats the best Weedeater to buy?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CPLLTT, Jan 13, 2002.


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    Hi all,
    We are getting ready to retire our old Echo weedeaters and I wanted to get everyones opinion on what to buy next. The Echo's are dependable but nothing impressive about their performance. I personally have used Tanaka's, which are great. I also have an older shindaiwa which is decent too. I'm thinkin about Stihl, all our blowers are now Stihl (echo's were worthless). We need something thats powerful, ergonomic, and dependable, in the 25-30 cc range. What do you think?
  2. CompleteLawn Service

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    If weight is not an issue then I would have to say Honda. I bought mine when they first came out several yrs ago and had never had it in the shop. It still starts on the first pull. I still am running the original plug also. Being 4 stroke it burns alot cleaner and you wont find a more torquier line trimmer out their.

    I also have a stihl that I bought new about 2 months ago for a back up and for my helper to use. It is nice also and much lighter. It doesnt start as easy and has this bearing protector cup thing on top of the spool that makes and annoying sound. I cured this by squirting a few shots of oil in there every now and then. I was told by my dealer that the stihl are better quality than the echos and parts are easier and to get. I dont know if any of that is true or not but I wish I could had tried the echo to base my own opinion though. I think anyone who makes a trimmer that rattles an irrating noise at the spool like my stihl couldnt have put that much more thought or tecnology than the echo.

    My thoughts on all other trimmers would not be fact so I'll leave other reviews to actual owners. Hope this helps. Jeff
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    i personally use kawasaki trimmers. many of the guys on her talk about red max but there is no dealer in my area so i didnt get to try out one of those. shindaiwa echo and stihl are others i have heard talked about on here. i love my kawi though
  4. 65hoss

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    Completelawn, take that piece off. My dealer takes them off when anyone buys a new one. I've never had any problems with any noise.

    I love the Stihl trimmers. Power is great and durability is great also.
  5. Hookset

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    I disagree with the post on echo products. I have a four year old echo that runs like new, its the 2600 has plenty of power. I also have the biggest backpack echo blower made and have yet to find anything to match it.
  6. We like stihl and shindawa both first class ,got a stihl thats 11 years old still going good.
  7. lawncare

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    Sthil and shidawa are good even though i have hondas for the helpers nothing beats a Robin I've had this weedeater for 10 years or so unmatch power to anything out there haven't been in the shop once only thing i've bought is the head from wearing it out tapping the ground. Robin rules
  8. I operated Echo for years. When my dealer went to Stihl so did I. They are very comparable.
    If my dealer sold Shindiawa or Redmax I would own them instead.

    I gotta talk to that dealer.

  9. sheppard

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    They are lighter, more powerful and easy to adjust!. Most of the time, in the south, they are cheaper too!

  10. mdb landscaping

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    ive had good luck with my echo split shaft 26cc trimmer. havent had it in the shop in 3 yrs, and its still running strong. ive used stihls as well, and they are also a great trimmer.

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