What's the biggest mowing contract you ever heard of?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by David Haggerty, Jul 7, 2002.

  1. I tried a Toro 580-D at Armco (Steel) Park, just north of Cincinnati in the early '90s'. The salesman said they had 2,100 Acres of park they let out on contract! I think he was really trying to sell them the mower, and that's what we were doing there. Showing the mower off. We nearly got lost there. It was Like one kind of park, like baseball, connected to another park, like picnicing, connected to another. It went on and on.
    Can you imaging a contract like that? I don't think I can count that high!;)

    Of course that was back in the day when Ohio had industry. Armco is gone, and I think the park went to the city.

    Have any of you heard of these mega-contracts? Or maybe worked for them?

    Locally my "big time" contract is 26 acres, but the pay is definitely small town.
    I have a bid in for the city schools. It's 80 acres spread over 5 sites in two towns. But they won't return my phone calls.:confused:

    But what's the big game where you are. And would YOU bid it?

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    I had the opportunity to tour the NCR facilities in Dayton Ohio a month ago....
    All I can say is WOW !!!!
    The company that maintains this place is on site, they have there own faciltiies right there.
    They just took this over and bought all new equipment.
    I would have to guess they are taking care of at least 1500 acres.
    They have parks, a golf course, common areas thousands of islands in parking lots.
    This place is unreal, you have to tour it on a golf cart to see it all.

    The reason I was there is to thank them for all the Hustler equipment they bought.
    They took delivery of 6, 60" Super Z's, 1 Hydro Range Wing (12ft cut), and 2 48" walk behinds and 1 54" walk behind
    They told me they need more mowers, but the budget is gone for the year...

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    I was asked if I wanted the local Air Force Base when the current contract expired. The clowns there now are screw ups from what I hear. But then how would you keep a handle on a $2 MILLION a year contract?

    That much money would suck. :D :D :D
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    Biggest one I came across was for Brisbane City Council.Mowing
    roadsides. 2 million square metres or 494.2 acres. Had to be cut
    every 2 weeks. Crew that got the job had 6 tractors with 6' triple
    head 3pl mowers and 3 trucks. Price was about 2.5 cents per
    square metre per cut.

    That was about 4 years ago.Since then the price has dropped to
    0.9 cents per square metre :(
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    I'm working on Goodard Spaceflight Center in Wallops Island Va. Well over 1 mil per season. Dover AFB in Delaware subs out a portion of the base, everything except the wide open areas around the runways for over 1 mil. per season also. Both are about 1 hour from me.
  6. bayfish;
    Thanks for the reply. You say you're working on Goodard? At what capacity? I never really had conversation with anyone working the big jobs. I don't know what to ask. What can you tell us?
    And thanks for resurecting this thread. It gives me opportunity to say thank you to those who posted. Though I believe some have left the forum.
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    I haven't come accross any that big, but here is a sweet one that I know of. It's a Dominion Power contract (same folks that run the power in MD, DC, and NC) . Cut and trim all remote power station and control huts. You know, those little building you see in some neighborhoods. 125 properties with most being about 30' x 30' and about 18 that have close to half an acre. I know the guy that's had the contract for the last five years and he said he gets over $250,000 a year. The guy that works for me used to work for him said that it takes a 2 man crew less than a week to do all properties during the season and a one man crew will do it in less than a week off season. Man, that's a profit margin I would love to see!
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    We have one of our locally large companies (over 90 employees) has another location down at the beach in SC and does the airforce base down there. I know that has to be a large contract.
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    Easy Bunton Guy.........It's no longer an Air Force base. They haven't had that account for quite sometime and they have a lot more than 90 employee's.

    As for large accounts how about 3.7 million? That's the yearly billing to one just north of Charlotte. 18 men plus equipment on site. Don't even think about bidding that puppy it's tied up tighter than dicks hat-band. I among others have tried :D
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    I just reviewed the contract from United Space Alliance for the Cape ..... almost 50 pages of contract reading! .... with all the badgin, testing, OSHA & Gov Reg's my eyes were spinning ....it's a bute of a job ...$$$ ... as only a hand full of LCO's can really bid on it .... just way to big for me

    The other big one down here is Patrick Air Force Base .... the long time LCO on that one owns a trailer park to house his employees n shop space ... now that's smart thinkin ;->

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