What's the cheapest you will mow a lawn for?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Hardcore5657, May 5, 2011.

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    Well said dude!!!.... Where are the guys with the "but thats different because thats not my business" argument
    That is why you always have another LCO friend or part time LCO. You can pass things on to them and take advantage of better jobs. It happened to me with my friend, I considered it helping me out and not passing me garbage. I will do the same to a friend or anyone else I know that is struggling or trying to start up and get the ball rolling.

    Or you could just simply let them go and jump on the better job.
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    For years on here now. Every time I hear "I won't drop my gate for xxx or I won't get out of bed for xxx". All I think is there must be a lot of well rested guys and slightly used equipment.
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  3. nepatsfan

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    You are just learning that now...I have been telling you that for years:laugh:
  4. milo

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    thank you.... its the truth, sure customers will pay a couple bucks more for some people but not double for people. if you do a lawn and then a neighbor says hay, how much to cut my 10 by 10 lawn, if you tell them $30.00 a cut and trying to say thats what you charge them your full of $hit. you would say $10.00 and thats the truth.. next if a customer calls and has a 10 by 10 lawn and they are like a 5 mile out of the way lawn to get to, if you dont just say to them look, you are way to far for this amount of grass for what i will have to charge you then you are a a$$ and not a good person
  5. D&F lawnmaster

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    Good morning Prostreetcamaro, No we don't have any mexicans where i live that does lawn care business. Yes i don't charge less than $50.00 do any lawn care work. I have been in business for twenty years and i have seen alot of guys around here that do a lawn for 20.00 and most of the work looks like crap. Here one summer gone the next year.But now these people is starting to see what we do and we do more business in this area than anyone else. Yes it is alot of BS on this site. I am sorry for u guys that have alot of mexicans around your area. That why alot of mexican are doing lawn care work and not paying taxes like me.I will let them know up front what they get for this price. If they don't want it then i will move on. I do 80 lawns a week with me and two full time workers. I bid on a job and most of the time i get it and if i don't someone else calling me to bid on their lawn.
  6. D&F lawnmaster

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    Well, thank God that i don't live in your area. I have been in business for twenty years. I first mower was a snapper with a 32 in cut use. But now i own four exmark mowers. This what wrong with this country everyone wants something for nothing. I am a big company and i do lose new clients because of my price. I am not going to drop my price because other people are doing it cheaper. You always get what u pay for. One of my biggest job other day got a new bid and it was lower than me. They ask me do drop my price. I refuse to drop my price and but i told them i was not going up on them. Guess what i got the job for another two years. I hope these mexicans are paying taxes like me and you.

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    You are full of it. Median house hold income is 33,260 in your "area". Are you mowing 3 acres for 50. lol. Median income in my area is over 100,000 and no one around here is paying anything near that.
  8. BestImpressions99

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    Nothing less than 25. That's only based on size (ie postage stamp lawn).
  9. milo

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    you get what you pay for????? really? so if i buy a case of coca cola 24 can 12oz at wal mart for $5.38 i would get more buying the same coca cola 24 can 12oz at food store for $7.49??? wow and i thought it was the same but just $2.11 cheaper. :hammerhead:
    next the mexicans near me stripe a lawn and do great looking work, its grass not nothing hard about cutting it thats why you see 7 year olds cutting there lawns
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    I'm confused, too. You're kinda bragging about how much you get for your cheapest lawn.......and on the other hand saying you get almost every bid you submit.

    Those two don't add up.

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