What's the consensus about Bunton ZTR?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ADMowing, Jun 2, 2002.

  1. ADMowing

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    We have a 3 year old Bunton 61" ZTR that I just LOVE to use. It has nice blade speed and ground speed. Cuts St. Augustine and other turf beautifully. Even though it is big, it has a light footprint because of large tires and weight distribution. I make zero ruts because I mow different paths each time I mow a lawn. Takes hills next to lakes and canals nicely. We've had usual maintenace to do on it, but nothing major.

    I've seen the new Buntons and I'm not sure about them. We're thinking about buying another one. Truthfully, they don't look as sturdy as the one we bought.

    Also, I absolutely LOVE the hydro blade lift. It is great when one yard has four different types of grass. Use the switch and raise and lower your blade while on the go. St. Augustine is mowed on 4" to 4.5" and Burmuda and Bahia are mowed on 3" to 3.5" or less. One yard has St. Augustine in side yard and Paspalum in front yard. I go from 4" to 2 1/2" while sitting on the mower and never stopping.

    I'd like to hear any comments on Bunton. If you don't like them, please be nice! I don't have a lot of experience with other ZTR's and would also like to hear what is better about other brands over the Bunton. If it has a hydro blade lift and is better than a Bunton, I want to hear about it.


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  2. ADMowing

    ADMowing LawnSite Member
    from Florida
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    Okaaaayyyy! No one is talking to me!

    Starting to feel unwelcome!!!! This is the second time I started a thread and didn't get any response at all!
  3. chariot

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    Maybe people are not responding because they don't know much about Bunton. I don't know about them. I know there is just one guy with one around here that I have seen. Sorry I am no help.
  4. I have seen no bunton ztr's around here but quite a few walkbehinds .
    I have a friend who uses their walkbehinds exclusively.
  5. scottb

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    Sorry I cant be of any help I have only seen Bunton walkbehinds around here and they seem to cut as goo as the rest. Dont feel unwelcome you could try the search feature but I dont know if you will find much. Good luck
  6. ADMowing

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    Thank you guys! I think that is true about Bunton being hard to find.... We had several dealers around here at one time and now we only know of one. RCPW on the internet stopped carrying parts for our Bunton Twister and we've had a time finding a place to get parts. We still have options, but that may be one of the advantages of going with a more popular brand -- availablility of service and parts. It IS a very solid machine, though. Any other ZTRs have the hydro lift blades???

    Did the search on this site like was suggested and you are right about that also, there isn't much! Another reason why we aren't sure we want to buy another Bunton. We bought the little Encore Z34 and have a great service and parts source for it. We have found Hy-Tech on 15th St East in Bradenton Florida to be a great place for us!!!

    Don't feel so bad now! I put on my deodorant, but I knew it couldn't be the smell anyway!!! I don't have smellivision! :D :D

    Thanks again! :) :) :)
  7. longviewlawncare

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    the kubota's have a hydro deck lift. there are the only other one i know of
  8. rwleigh

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    The bunton twister is now made in the steiner line only! Also steiner, schweiss and bladerunner all have hydralic deck lifts.
  9. ADMowing

    ADMowing LawnSite Member
    from Florida
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    Thanks Longview! We've checked out Kubota. It has a hefty price take -- Guess it's the name. I THINK, but am not sure but Grasshopper may have the electric blade lift too! My husband corrected me. It is an electric lift, not a hydro lift. Sorry!

    Rwleigh - We're going to check, on the net, the steiner line schweiss and bladerunners. I'll do a search now. They may cross reference parts for the Bunton Twister too! Thank you!!!
  10. Mowingman

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    When Bunton was bought out by Textron, they merged the Bobcat and Bunton ZTR machines into virtually one design, the Bobcat survived. The Bunton ZTR's I looked at last year are EXACTLY like the Bobcat machines, EXCEPT, the Bunton includes an electric deck lift. I ran a Bobcat ZTR for years and loved it. It was built like a tank and never gave me any trouble through 6 years of hard use. I was going to buy another Bobcat/Bunton last year, but our local dealer quit selling them. I would not hesitate to buy another if we had a dealer here.:D

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