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Truegreen response to a few of my mowing customers, before I sold out to my partner..

Customer: "My lawn isn't green"

Truegreen then comes and hits it with some Ammonium Sulfate and a little Chelated Iron...

Customer: "They did a great job greening it up."

Plain and simple, people want green, and it gives green.

Note that after a year of continues callbacks two of them dropped truegreen and one hired us. 33% N- 30% Sulfur coated urea- and green with no callbacks.


More scientifically...
"Nitrogen is the mineral element that plants require in the greatest amounts. It serves as a constituent of many plant cell components, including amino acids, proteins, and nucleic acids. Therefore nitrogen deficiency rapidly inhibits plant growth. If such deficiency persists, most species show chlorosis (yellowing in the leaves)... Under sever nitrogen deficiency, these leaves become completely yellow (or tan) and fall off the plant." Plant Physiology Fourth Edition pg. 79.

Nitrogen is needed in the greatest amounts... Nitrogen is usually very susceptible to leaching and volitization... Nitrogen deficiency can cause the turf to turn yellow or tan... Thus it is most important that we restore lost nitrogen in the soil.

But like I said on that other thread, it might not encourage good root growth and drought resistance. :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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