What's the Deal?


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Just to let everyone know I think Hustler products are SECOND to NONE! However I am starting to question the quality and integrity of the Dist. in my area.

I made a trip to the dist. one rainy day about a month and a half ago just to check it out. You see I bought a Fastrack from The Engine Shop back at the end of Sept. first of Oct. I thought I had a good dealer and support, guess I was wrong. Next thing I know the dealer is going out of business. The owner of the shop made it sound like he was going to be the new dist. (as in he would own the dist.) and that's why he was closing the dealership, due to a conflict of intrest. So I was making the trip to the dist. to see how things were going. Come to find out all he is, is a sale's rep for the dist. No dig deal right? Wrong they put him as the rep in my area, the area HE owned a shop, being the rep to other dealers in the same town his shop was in! Conflict of intrest?...I think so.

The day I was at the dist. the pres. of DOS asks me if there are any good small engine shops around that I would recommend, so I told him about the one I use and have used for the past few years. I told him about the shops good reputation and how well they take care of their customers. He went to talk to them and they made an agreement. A.J.'s would be the new Hustler dealer in the area, this was good news to me. Next thing I hear is DOS has gone back on their word of how many units A.J.'s has to have as well as they took territory away and put a dealer in the next town only 10 miles down the road. Oh, yea A.J.'s dealership was approved through Hustler Corp. so tell me how the hell can a dist. take it away?

I am just a little confussed and would like to know what is going on. I DON'T want to hear DOS's side of the story I want to Hustler Corp's. side of the story, please enlighten me so I'll be able to make a fair judgement about the situation.

Once again the product is awsome, I am newer to the biz and would love to have a fleet of Hustler's one day, however if I don't have a dealer and dist. I can trust I will find another brand to go with. I will look forward to hearing from you.