What's the difference between eXmark Lazer Z & Advantage Series?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lotsagrass, Nov 5, 2009.

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    For the life of me I can't find any documentation on eXmark's site that describes what the real differences and reasons for having 2 different lines. The 'Lazer Z' and the 'Lazer Z Advantage Series'. What is the difference between the two. The only difference at all I can tell is in the brochure for the Lazer Z line as a whole describes the Advantage Series as the model that will cut slightly less grass per hour than the plain Lazer Z model.

    Anyone know what all the differences are and the reason for the 2 lines?
  2. mowerbrad

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    Alot of mower manufacturers have an "estate" line of mowers which are a scaled down version of their full size mowers. Exmark's AS series would be their estate series mower. You will notice that the engines are smaller than the Lazer Z's choices and also have one of the older Ultra Cut decks, not the newest series 6 one. Compared to the Lazer Z you will also notice narrower front and rear tires. On top of that, their hydro pumps are smaller than what are offered on the Lazer Z.

    Just think of it as a scaled down version of the full size Lazer Z. They are also cheaper than the Lazer Z when you compare similar sized units.
  3. lotsagrass

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    From looking at the specs between the two in this case, it seems the differences are less than other brands. They use the same size pumps in both series until you get to a certain size engine, then the non-AS model gets 16cc pumps instead of 12cc. Frame appears to be the same from what I'm reading. Engines are similar until you get to the 60" and 72" deck on the non-AS, then they give you larger engine choices. Tires are bigger on the non-AS. Beyond that I don't see much difference. Toro seems to have more of a difference in their lineups like in the 500 series they have. Seems there's more variation there. Anyway, I just bought the 2008 (new/leftover) 52" with 28HP Kawasaki and I was curious about the difference between AS and non-AS. I understand better now. Thanks :)
  4. MJB

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    I have the Advantage series and the front wheels are skinny, the hydros are
    more twitchy. Those are my main complaints. I remedied the skinny tires by buying wide forks and putting normal size tires on it, there is very little clearance but no rubbing. The back tires are the same size on mine as my Lazer Z. I have the 28 Kawi lots of power, overall the big one is smoother but as long as you get the good seat on it, it cuts identical to my older model Lazer Z. Same deck different spindles.
    The next Lazer has a lot more differences I have not looked into those.
  5. tallimeca

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    don't understand why you are having such a hard time.

    Go to Exmark.com, click on products and lazer. On the left it says compare mowers. Click on that, then click the lazer and lazer as. Gives you side by side comparisons.

    In a nutshell

    The advantage of the Z over the Advantage Z is it is the iso seat mount with the flip up seat option, with a nicer seat. It has torsion mounted deck as opposed to a chain mount on the AS. Series 6 deck (ultracut w/triton spindles) on the Z, series 4 ultracut on the AS. Bigger tires on the Z then the AS, except the same on the 60 inch and above decks. Semi Pneumatic fronts on the Z, not on the AS. Bigger pumps with higher ground speed on the Z, then the AS. Different and larger engine options on the Z, then the AS. On average, 1200-2000 dollar price range difference on average, which amounts to the upgraded options between the two lines. So if you want a more comfortable, faster, more powerful Lazer with better spindles........spend the extra money. Otherwise, the AS is pretty comparable to the standard Lazers of old, with the newer technology and gold ol' ultra cut deck.

    They also have the new LZA, which is a step down from the AS for this year. Tri Vantage decks, smaller pumps with no cooling and smalled engine options.
  6. timberbrook

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    I am guessing that you are writing about the last generation of Lazer AS mowers, not the new Next Lazer AS series.
    The Lazer Z AS series started life as their top of the line LAZER. It was not an estate series. It was Exmarks full sized workhorse that helped in large part to make Exmarks name what it is today. When they redesigned the generation of Lazers Prior to the "Next Lazer" they kept it in the line as a price point mower and renamed it the AS Lazer. Full sized and full commercial with a lower price. No frills. If it looks a bit old school, it is. But it is a great design, durable and it mows well. I happen to like it better than the newer ones. A great bang for the buck full sized commercial mower.
  7. djflats

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    My A/S has the ISO seat. The front tires are a bit smaller than the Lazer but the rear are the same. I use a Next Lazer at work and the ride was the same until they put a suspension seat kit on the Lazer. The Next Lazer at work has a 29 hp Kawasaki which has plenty of power and my A/S has a 25 hp Kohler which is plenty for my home property. They both handle really well on hills cutting both up and down or parallel. The cut seems to be about the same to me although I get into some high, nasty stuff at work. At home I keep the grass at a manageable length to where I can cut at full speed if I want. I don't do it, at least not on all of the property due to the roughness. I believe you get a rather rough ride on a lot of ZTR's unless you have some form of suspension such as the Ferris or Hustler's flex fork to name a couple.
    All in all I'm happy with both the Lazer and A/S series.

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