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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bull454, May 1, 2006.

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    I don't know much about tractor equipment but my dad wants to buy a old Ford 8N with a blade and mower. Looking through the paper we see that some have 8N with mower and some say 8N with brush hog.

    Can someone tell me the difference between the two.

  2. The brush hog would be a 4' rotary cut mower that mounts to the 3 point hitch. Those old 8N's were so underpowered they couldn't power a standard 5' mower.
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    Despite what some people say, you CAN'T go wrong with an old 8N. The 8N is one of the easiest to find and most reliable old tractors you can buy. Parts are everywhere, and they are simple to work on as most tractors go. The 8N is more than enough to pull the 5 foot hog, despite what some people might say. I have pulled a 5 foot cutter with less horsepower.
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    My dad has one and we use a 5' bush hog on it with no problems. As far as parts, you could build a new tractor from available parts. We have a NAPA tractor parts store a few miles from here and they can get everything for one, the guy even had a brand new, not rebuilt engine for one in a crate sitting in the storage room. One suggestion on the bush hog, get an over-run clutch for the PTO the bush hog can push the tractor when you push the clutch in. Also it doesn't work well to bush hog in reverse (its geared like third) you can't ease back into something because it dosen't have a live PTO.

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