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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Mudrtrukr79, Dec 28, 2000.

  1. Mudrtrukr79

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    Over several years I have owned many styles of trucks made by the big 3. My preference is the Chevy -GMC line but Im soon about to shorten it to just Chevy. I mean there is no REAL difference between them right ? In fact if anything Ive heard the GMC is more heavy duty than the Chevy.I cant seem to make GMCs run , I dont know why & its really starting to aggravate me. The GMC I own now is so close to the Chevy I used to own some times I think they are the same truck until the damn GMC breaks down again.I ran the VIN numbers and found out my truck was built at the Flint Michigan Chevy truck plant just like my old reliable Chevy was but this damn thing cant get across the street with the help of a tow truck. This isnt the first time Ive been in this situation, about 2 years ago I owned a towing company, my GMC wrecker was my Chevy wreckers best customer. My old chevy pickup had 200K + on it, the current GMC has 66K , The chevy was beat to death offroad by its former owner, the GMC was pampered, the Chevy always ran , the GMC never runs ....I just dont get it !!!!!!!

  2. John DiMartino

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    Its a coicidence-I had the reverse situation a 77GMC suburban that wouldnt die-it was a tough old truck.
  3. 85w/350

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    HA!! I own one of each a 82 Chevy and a 85 GMC both are running well no probs or break downs the 82 has 204,000+miles and the 85 has 224,000+miles and still run great the 82 has been beaten to death by myself and the other owner who from the looks of it when I got it had never heard of filter and fluid changes...the 85 has been babied and is more reliable than many of my buddies newer vehicles...so I can't help you out with beating one kind or another to death...and both are the same Chevy made by GMC of course...it is kind of puzzling though...why when they ask at auto parts stores for make and model do they need to know a difference besides trim package wise?!
  4. Volman39

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    Same Truck !
    Produced on the same assembly line.
    Seen this myself.
    Minor differences; grill, molding, nameplate.
    Although the GMC dealers think more of their trucks (pricewise) than Chevrolet.
    Don't tell anyone!
    Some folks think that their truck is better than the other guys!
  5. bandit_36

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    I work at a GM dealership & we have had a couple of suburbans come off the transport with GMC emblems on one side & Chevy emblems on the other. I guess the right hand didn't know what the left was doing.
  6. Mudrtrukr79

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    Wish I had your guys luck, the GMC is on notice right now ....one more screw-up and the junk man is coming for you,still cant figure out how 2 brands of trucks so similar can be so different.Every GMC Ive ever owned has ben a money pit .I sold an 83 Chevy 4x4 in 1995 that had close to 200K on it when I sold it , you guessed it the guy is still driving it and is completely redoing the body ,when I asked him why he told me "I havent put nothing but maintenance into this truck in 5 years , its worth fixing ." And I sold it to buy the damn money pit GMC wrecker that I owned before the damned GMC money pit 4x4 that I own now. Ive been thinking of just taking money & stuffing it in the carb every time something breaks instead of going to the parts store and such ....you know eliminate the middle man!!!!!!

  7. thelawnguy

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    The older ones from the 70s were different- a chevy came with a different 350 than a gmc for example. Chevy had 305 GMC had 307. Front end parts do not interchange. Other differences.

    When they changed the model in late 87 they started making them the same with interchangeable parts.
  8. Captkaos

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    The only differences in the 73-87's Chevy/GMC's were the grille layout, badging, interior trim, and the tailgate panel (tailgate if you include the badging) EVERYTHHING else is the same on the 73-87's: Fenders, hoods, doors, cab, bed. It all interchanges, even the GMC specific stuff will go on a Chevy. Engines and transmissions are also identical. They only thing that seperates them is the badging.
  9. Psyclopse

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    If that GMC screws up one more time, can I be your junk man?
  10. TLS

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    Dont forget the horn button!!! Other than option availability (at times) they are the same 'lawnguy' . The 350 was a 350. It may have had a diffrent RPO # but like I said it may be an option thing. Hmmmm....307? what year? That was a car engine I think. 73-87 didn't have 307's I don't think?

    I'm a little fuzzy on the older stuff, had to make room in the brain and delete some files a while back, didn't think I'd neet that info again....guess what!


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