Whats the going rate for an engineer?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by alexschultz1, Sep 25, 2013.

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    Really I do not care. Nor does anyone else. This topic regards rates for engineers. Not the "market" for your services.
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    I thought the .......left it open for conversation. Our engineer is around $1200 on average to stay on topic.
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    I've been posting over in the irrigation forum lately. Man you all could learn a little from them. Big pissing competition over here.
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    Where you're very welcome :)
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    The irrigation forum is more technical and is grounded in fact. Hardscape has been around since the stone ages and method and procedure can be debated and mostly is not grounded in fact in a round about way.

    Irrigation is grounded on hydraulic science, electrical theory, Watts Law and Ohms Law on the electrical side. But on the other hand the pissing hear pales in comparison to some of the pissing on some audio engineering and circuit design forums I go on.

    Their is nothing like 2 guys so smart they can't chew gum and walk at the same time argue about a certain mathematical formula and its impact on the final stage of a high end amplifier
  7. xtreem3d

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    My engineer (who also owns a wall business) is $500.00 ( drawn in the office with your site plan and measurements).
    He will come out to the site and measure grades for you if your unsure and answer any questions or give suggestions for 200-300 extra.

    If unsure about the stability of the soil, testing would be extra

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