What's the going rate for laying mulch?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by rainsofthouston, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. rainsofthouston

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    Hey guys, a little help please.

    I'm not a complete newbie in the business. I'm a licenced irrigator and have been mowing for 3 seasons now, but I need some feedback. I've got this one commercial account that I mow and maintain some flower beds for. About a month ago, I put down three yards of mulch on the property. It has a few tree islands, and a strip of small bushes laying in a 3' by about 200' bed. I charged the customer $381 for weeding out the beds and putting down the mulch. Is that about par? I've been reading some of these landscaping threads and it seems I may be giving some labor away.:confused:
  2. Zaro T Man

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    According to what I see you were a bit short on the mulch. Should have been closer to 5 C. Yards. I get about $45.00 a C. yard for mulch. So not bad as long as you didn't have to weed the bed or remove and replace old mulch.
  3. tthomass

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    $45-$110 per yard............depends on your market. I'm on the high end, good market.
  4. NCass31

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    i have been thinking the same thing recently, so i gave myself a raise, labor wise...No complaints from anyone about the increase, especially me. After my increase and no compalints, I thought that I had been lowballing..:eek: Then I got word from an old account that wanted me to come fix a mess of a mulch job that someone else did for way way waaaayyy lower than my estimate. I don't know how these guys make any money, but I don't mind fixing their mistakes, as long as it isnt to bad.payup
  5. Dotens

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    I usually chare 40.00 per yard my cost 30.00 then i charge an hourly rate of 35.00 per man hour and then charge for delivery. Delivery normally runs 45.00 per trip (up to 8 yards) Thats pretty much all my market will bare in the north east. I used to charge 70.00 to buy it, deliver it, and install it but found i was losing $$ if the area was abnormally hard to mulch.
  6. DBL

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    man this is one of those really common questions on here

    we get $85 a yard for almost no prep work and up around $100 if there is a lot of weeds or were creating beds

    buying mulch for anywhere from $19 - $27 a yard
  7. PatriotLandscape

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    did you make money installing it? Then you chared correctly. If you didn't then charge more :)
  8. aracad

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    I am a newbie, but this hits a sore spot with me today. I was asked to bid this jackasses mulch job. during our conversation he even mentioned that the work he wanted done was for the most part, "all labor". He mentioned that he had a guy lined up to do the job in June, but that the guy never showed up? He said and I quote "The bid I was given seemed fair" WARNING!!!!! Yet he never told me what is was....

    1650 sq ft of beds to renovate (15 yards of mulch) remove approx 5 yards of old bark chips to lower the beds to appropriate height. Install 150 ft of concrete edge stones and reset another 75 ft that were installed poorly. Create new bed around a small tree and install edge stones.

    I gave him my bid (which I admit I made it high as I could tell he was a PITA immediately) He comes back and tells me the previous bid was less than $600.00 LOL!!

    Sorry now I am whinning LOL!!!

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