What's the largest Bill you will leave behind ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassworks, Dec 23, 2004.

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    Seems everyone has a different idea about how to handle billing ,how much in late fee's or how to collect. What is you limit for a Customer on any particular job. Do you have policy(credit check ,previous customers only , etc...) or play it by instincts alone. This year , I left over $25,000 of statements on doors(no contracts) at mostly one time services ( little to no previous history) and have had $368 lost and about 1,000 still in question (over 30 days). So long as I get the $1000 (still hoping to collect that)It is worth it to me to leave the bill to allow flexible scheduling. As a matter of fact The $368 lost was from 2 accounts and I knew when I left the bill it was High risk by just talking to the customers before hand. How much will you guys bill before you need something upfront ? Or do you get a contract on everyjob big or small.
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    We have a contract to pee in the bushes. :D

    Seriously, all payment arrangements are made at the time of service. No pay, no play..Regularly contracted clients spending limits are set in the computer based on their yearly spending totals. It flags the account if the ratio of billed work exceeds the credit limit ratio.

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