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    I live in utah and have done maintenance (cutting) for 8 years and always subed out my fertilization on big jobs and had a guy I recommended to residential customers. Well I recently sold all my accounts and moved back to my small home town. Im slowly building my accounts back up, but no one around here will spray so I see a great market...but I need to do alot of study and research first. I call the local extetion office to find what kind of licence I need and they tell me if I dont need a licence to buy it I dont need a licence to apply it......This dint sound right to me, do any of you know what the law is...I would trust the extention office but they seemed clueless and It seemed wrong. Also any good advise about the application side of the buisness would be apreciated thanks
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    I am shocked to learn that you even need a license to "Feed Garbage to Swine" in Utah. Check the following link.
    Amazing state.


    It looks like you can download the application from this website. Scroll down to just below the "license to salvage wax" application. Unbelievable state! What is this country coming to anyway?

    Good Luck with the test. And don't worry. I think there are a couple of Utah applicators the chime in.


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