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Whats the most overpriced equip. or supplies in our biz?


LawnSite Senior Member
I think 3 peices of flat steel ( a mulch kit) for $300 about takes the cake for me. I bought the steel locally for $8 and 1 hour later I was mulching. Some things like trimmers for $300 bucks are a great deal and others insane.


LawnSite Platinum Member
A ZTR $10,000.00 You can buy a new car for less than that


LawnSite Fanatic
Flint, Michigan
How about the $45 "hitches" for the ZTRs? Better yet, how about a bottle of fungicide or specialized herbicide that costs between $90 and $130 for a 2 oz. bottle?


LawnSite Bronze Member
I can think of an area that oodles of money is spent and most products are made to be sold and not used. With the exception of a couple new poisons and old reliable traps a lot of money is blown off trying to get rid of moles.

Agree or disagree ?



LawnSite Member
Belvidere, IL
And these are good reasons some of your bigger LCO's are removing lawn maintenance all together. Not enough money is being made. Yes sure you can buy a ZTR for $10,000 but you have to also include schedule maintenance, and someone to operate it, were talking lots of money for a $60.00 lawn job.