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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by EJD Lawnpride, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. EJD Lawnpride

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    I currently have 120 weekly accts. and three bi-weekly . I want to expand my business. I would like to maintain 200+ lawns and do landscape installs/maint. Right now I cut 4 days a week and do projects on Mondays. Do i keep it this way or do I try to mow five days a week and hire other crew for projects? Do i advertise or buy business from local company? My friend might be interested in selling out . He has nice accts. My question is how do I take my company to the next tier? We offer: Mowing,mulching,landscaping,renovation,powerwashing. We don't do lighting,hardscaping or fertilizing (son is allergic).

    How do I grow my company and still keep it profitable?
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    Y so people ask this Q.

    only you know, If you have a buddy selling out, you will have to do the math.

    you will have equiptment to purchase, employees, insurance, storage, and all that goes with it,

    Not trying to be a smartazz here. but noone can make the decission but you.
    sounds liek you really got it togather, 120 accounts. you allready know how it works, all the headacks and such,

    Good luck
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    Advertise. buying out a buddies business could end up being a pain. We are a fairly decent size company, and grow larger and larger every year. Advertising and word of mouth are the two best ways to get business IMO. We have a half page full color SELF designed ad in the 3 major phone books for our area. Just to give you an example of how well the response it to these ads....in the last 2 weeks we have taken on 24 new customers for mowing and fert. program. 24 in 2 weeks in the early spring or late fall is normal for us, but never has happened in June or July!!!! I say spend a little money on an ad in the phone book, just do the design yourself, dont let them just throw some cheap looking ad in there for you!! Best of luck! :usflag:
  4. EJD Lawnpride

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    Thanks for the replys. My question is do I start by adding more mowings then add another mowing crew when it seems fesible or do I keep the mowing crew add a fifth day of mowing and add a small landscaping crew for the mulch/installls,etc.?
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    Hire a part time crew for now, keep them busy, if they get too busy get full timers, or another part timer. If you get enough lawns, have them cut a day too and landscape the other days until you have enough of one or the other to have a full time crew. Most importantly hire someone to replace you in the field, and your new job will be to sell work, work on advertising and keeping enough work to keep your guys busy.:clapping:

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