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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by RickLBZ, Aug 30, 2009.

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    Take a look at these pics and tell me what the issue is. The grass is st. augustine that was laid down 12/08, fertilized 04/09 with Scotts Bonus S and is cut at 4" every 4-5 days. The yellowish patch you see has been there since day one with no changes. I think it needs to be de-thatched but many conflicting stories tell me not to. Thanks.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Hey Homestead :)
    Used to live in Kendall myself which is I believe 10 minutes north of you, also Dade county. You guys see CSI down your way often :drinkup:

    Knowing your area the way I do, dam hot so I'm wondering if it might be overwatered or disease? I'm sure some of the pro's will chime in soon enough but I'm thinking "Overwatered" due to you do have green and since it is green which shows that it's been watered I'm leaning toward disease due to staying to wet.
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    Do not de-thatch just now! De-thatching pulls up the stolens from Centipede and St. Augustine. Is that Scott's the only thing you've done? Tell me about your irrigation. How much each time in inches each time and how often and WHEN. I'm thinking fungus and a lack of nutrients and micros. How much acreage? Do you pick up clippings? We'll go from there.
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    Hey Kirk. I used to live in Kendall but moved here (South of the Redlands) to have some green around the house.

    -Scotts is the only fert I've put down.
    -As for irrigation from Feb to mid April it was hose and sprinklers morning time about 2 inches worth every third day. Now it rains here pretty steady and the rest of the lawn is doing great,
    -The entire lot is just over 1/2 acre and the section of bad grass is about 20x20.
    -The clipping are left down.


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