What's the secret to pansys?


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South Georgia
I see pansys growing beautiful all over my town but mine look like crap.
I planted some for a customer in good composted manure mixed with topsoil and they look bad. I ran out of mix and planted some right into the native soil and they are doing ok.

I don't get it. I must say that they do not have any irrigation. Only rain and whenever the home owner waters so they have had dry spells BUT, I know that there are others who have no irrigation either but theirs look good.

Is there a secret? Do they not like rich soil and fert?


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Winston-Salem NC
Make sure you start with the best flower's possible. If you let pansies's dry out one time they will have trouble recovering. The one's planted in native soil don't dry out as fast because that soil hold's water longer. Make sure the manure is well aged and mixed completely. Irrigation and fertilization make pansies shine.
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