Whats the speed you prefer when doing lawn care applications

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Mr Efficiency, May 9, 2018.

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    I put it to the rug...ain't nobody got time to go slow.

    In reality, it depends on the yard. smaller yards I like to go slower on but if I'm on a wide open "field" I like to roll out. here in farm country they spray fields at 15+ mph with 120' booms. Farmers can cover some acres in a day.
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    Hi gear on GL. It'd take all day to treat lawns in low gear. Only time I use that is for extreme hard to kill broadleaf infestations.
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    I see Lots of good comments..

    Here is a calculator to figure out the exact speed you are actualy traveling on your machines.
    Figure out how many feet per second you are traveling and caculate to MPH.
    Example, 143' traveled in 20 seconds, divide by 20 = 7.15 feet per second = 4.875 mph
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    Going to tinker with one of my machines, easy on off parts to test results & I ordered the parts needed after doing my caculations I hope are right.

    I figure I can set low gear as new high gear( I never use low gear anyway) and high gear for very large open flat areas. Low gear will go from 3.5 mph to 4.75 mph ish and high gear, 5 mph to 6.25 mph ish. Spinner rpm speed will not be effected or pump rpm speed with other easy change of parts. I will put on little larger nozzle for new high gear speed and high gear nozxle will go to low gear if the speed isnt too much.
    I don't reccomend anyone else doing this, this is a test I will be doing and only on this one machine to see.

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    Not if the stop light are synchronized for 5mph. :drinkup:
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    As long as you are calibrated properly, go as fast as you can given the size of the property.
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    Well I did the change, went with 1 mph more then stock. I bumped up the speed to 5.88 mph in high gear(8.633 feet per second) and 4.52 mph in low gear( 6.63 feet per second) at 3,450 rpm.
    Took for a 20 min spin and it was sweet.
    The change over was a little more time consuming then the quick easy on off then I thought but not that hard.
    Now for calibration, I will bump down to .20 gal per 1,000 sqft with same stock nozzles, so instead of say putting 4 0z per gal, 1 oz per/.25 gal 1,000 sqft, will be be 5 0z per gal, 1 oz per, .20 gal per 1,000 sqft. One fill up I should get 12,000 sq feet more out of a tank doing 7' centers.
    I will calibrate tomorrow to see if off my #'s are right off the top of my head.

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    I just do the 5 mph thing i tried faster but my T just backed up slower. I do a national cemetery the old creanatoial sites were like 48 inch apart not bad at 5 mph now the new ones are like 40 inchs apart and at the little cemetery it is stepped about 8 ft in 2 places. so the you have to go between the head stones on the short side and they are 42 inchs apart i do these at 3.5 mph. if your front tire even touches the head stone you come to a quick stop ouch that hurt
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    I hit a small stump when trimming along a fence with my wand and going from 5 to zero and being thrown into the controls while turned to the side messed me up a lot more than I would expect it to.
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