whats the story on dixon?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jacob land and, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. jacob land and

    jacob land and LawnSite Member
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    found a dealer that had a Dixon Ram 50 mag ZTR with the honda 20 hp engine option. it was listed for $5600 and he told me he could sell it for $4600. it has 2 hours on it and a 50 inch deck. i took it around his parking lot a little bit, it seemed really nice it was really peppy and it felt like a solid mower. is dixon a company worth looking into?
  2. KS_Grasscutter

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    Yep. Dixons are very good mowers. Many lco's have used Dixons for many years around here. I know a lco here that has had Dixons, Walkers, and an Exmark in the past, but keeps comming back to Dixon mowers. The bagging system on them is really nice, in my opinion. And that seems like a real good price for that mower. I would go for it.
  3. RD592

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    I have an 05 dixon grizzly 60" 25 hp and a 06 scag tiger cub 48" 19 hp

    I rather my dixon in every catogory but it is not as durabal as my scag.

    As long as you dont hit curbs all day long with the deck it should work out for

  4. newz7151

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    Dixon may soon be a TSC handled mower. There is supposedly a marketing test that is going to occur, or is currently going on where select TSC stores will be carrying one model of the Dixon mower.
  5. kc2006

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    I only know of one "company" using them around here, I saw them mowing today and the cut did not look good at all. Looked like it was matting alot of grass down and pushing it over and not cutting.

    I've never even considered one because they just seem cheap...in a bad way cheap.
  6. RD592

    RD592 LawnSite Member
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    What is a TSC store?

    My dixon's cut quality is better than my scags.
  7. Nosmo

    Nosmo LawnSite Bronze Member
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    TSC is Tractor Supply Company one of the largest in that type retail business.

    They cater to the homeowners and local farm trade. The mowers they handle are the residential type ZTR Cub Cadets and the Cadet lawn and garden tractors.

    We have a new one here in town and for some things it is a fairly good place to shop.

    My Commercial Cub Cadet Dealer is also the Dixon dealer. I think he sells a lot more Dixon's than the Cadet's and the price is more than likely a big factor.

  8. rodfather

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    Have never seen one...do they sell east of the mississippi?
  9. RD592

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    My dixon dealer told me that 2005 dixon was trying to make a comeback so that is why the offer a 5 year warranty and that is why the prices were cheaper than others. He said years ago he would not touch the dixon line because he said you could go to a furniture store and by one. Dixon has a the trade mark on ztr so they have been out for a long time.

    Lots of people say lots of bad things about these mower but for the price there are Defiantly worth the money.
  10. 6'7 330

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    Top of the line modals of Commercial Dixon's are very good mowers, at a very good price. A friend of mine uses Dixon's and they cut very good.

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