what's the wierdest thing you've seen

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AielLandscaping, Apr 24, 2002.

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    what's the wierdest thing you've seen while working?

    i had a customer one time stand in front of a sliding glass door, in the buff, watch me work. i caught that out of the corner of my eye and don't know if she knew i could see her..
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    While mowing last week, I saw this girl, probably 14/15, who I normally see riding horses. Well this time she was driving around in about a 96/97 Camry with some little kids in the car. They weren't getting out on the public roads just riding around the dirt road where they live. I figure she just practicing, getting ready to start driving like most of us have all done. When I finished mowing, the owner came out and asked me if I had hit a power line because her power had just gone out. I said no. To make a long story short, the 14/15 yr old had crashed the Camry into a utility pole at the end of the road. One small child hurt but not seriously...I think. One Camry pretty screwed up. I just wonder how the parents are going to explain this one to the insurance company?

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