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Hi, I have been contemplating selling my lawn care business. I have been in business for 21 years now. Just wondering if anyone has a good idea what it may be worth selling. I have $100,000 in accounts which I know they can change when they feel like it. I have 4 exmark 60" lazers with two bagging systems, 1 48" exmark walk behind, stihl weedeaters and blowers, 1 bed edger, 1 sidewalk edger and 1 walkbehind vacuum billy goat. Numerous other things. Most accounts i have had for over 15 years. Thanks for any input.

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Have a broker do a professional valuation. You have significant sweat equity but that usually doesn't amount to much financially. Additionally most people with 6 figures to invest aren't looking for a lawn business. Its unfortunate as most of us damn near kill ourselves making lawncare into a real business.
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