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Whats this dodge worth?


LawnSite Gold Member
northern jersey
My dad is selling his truck. He has a 03 Dodge 2500 SLT Quad cab long bed with the hemi. Automatic. Truck is mint. My dad never eats or drinks in it. Truck has 112k highway miles on it. Truck gets serviced every 3k miles. My dad ALWAYS gets it serviced on time as he is very friendly with the dealer.

My dad won't even drive with the windows open. He just commutes 50 miles a day, 6 days a week.

He says he'll sell it to me for 9500. is that a good deal? Would you buy it?


Gravel Rat

LawnSite Fanatic
British Columbia
Its a good deal but what kind of fuel mileage does the truck get ?

Is the truck a 2wd ? if so its going to be a tough sell because a 2wd gasser 3/4 ton isn't desirable.

Your dads fuel bill must be pretty high I hate to see how much money he spends in a month :dizzy:


LawnSite Senior Member
try this kbb.com


LawnSite Bronze Member
Doesnt seem that bad if its 4x4, I wouldnt touch it if it was 2wd.