Whats this grass???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 1grnlwn, Dec 7, 2002.

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    Sorry don't have picture. But I have run into this type of grass twice. It is relatively thin blade and tends to shread lengthwise instead of cutting. Leaves a horrible cut. And Yes if you honed a 15 degree edge on your blades every cut it would probably cut OK. But under normal conditions it shreads and looks bad. Any Ideas? It was seeded in a mixture of blues and cool season grasses.

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    Mark, it's most likely ryegrass. When you see it again, note if the shredded blades are thin, wiry blades, not the thicker bluegrass blades. Some rye varieties are more prone to this, and you can see it any time of year. And it is most visible where there is a higher concentration of rye stems. If you look closely through the lawn, you'll see other rye stems like this, but they are not apparent because they are not concentrated.

    I'm speaking of those spots where it almost looks like you shredded white nylon fibers after mowing. My only solution is to put on sharp blade(s) and mow first the highly visible areas where this occurs. Perhaps there is just a patch of it along the front entrance walk, and just changing blade on one side of mower will take care of that patch.

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