What's this year like for you?

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by The Lighting Geek, May 6, 2008.

  1. The Lighting Geek

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    All of a sudden my phone has been ringing off the hook. Most of the time it is based on local stuff like marketing, weather, economy. Everyone has seen a difference this winter. But now that the season is in full swing, what are you seeing? My questions are:

    • Have you seen any difference this year in what kind of jobs you are getting calls from?
    • Is it smaller jobs or bigger jobs?
    • Are the clients closer to your target or not?

    For me it has been a mixed bag. I had a very slow and tough winter up until around the beginning of April. It was very hit and miss up to May and now recently the calls have increased dramatically. But the type of calls have been great. Higher end residential and ready to go! I am not getting the "I am shopping' attitude at all. I am booking 8 to 10 weeks out right now, but I was only 2 days out only weeks ago. CRAZY! I am curious what have been your results?
  2. TXNSLighting

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    this year has started off well. were still a very new company trying to get the name out as much as possible. advertising accidently dried up, but i got right on that. Its so hard with advertising in this business cuz its very expensive to market to our client base. but i keep findig it somewhere. were startin to average 1 job per week. so im pretty happy bout that. haent been in business quite a year yet, but im still loving this biz and everything i get to do. hopin to get to 2 jobs per week then 3 and so on...just working as hard as possible, and doin as many demos as possible! The jobs are getting bigger to, this year started off with a 85 light job! very exciting!
  3. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    This is the busiest spring I have ever had. The winter was average for here, but this spring is blowing the doors off in terms of early season sales. Not a lot of cold calls coming in, everything has been referrals, which is great as there is so much less selling to do.

    Interestingly enough it is not just my business that is overly busy. Most everyone I talk to here, landscapers, electricians, roofers, plumbers are all saying the same thing: "Busiest Spring they have ever had."

    As for the "R" word... seems only the media and the enonomic think tanks are the ones worried about it.
  4. Chris J

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    As well as Florida residents.
  5. ccfree

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    I will put my two cents in. As some of you know, I come from the distribution side. I have been selling lighting for 10 years now in the Dallas TX market. This is the busiest I have ever been in my career! I don't have a clue what the "R" word means.
  6. dwightschrute

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    The "R" in my business is reams, as in how many more reams of paper I can sell to show my boss Micheal I am the best salesman, not Jim or Andy
  7. Chris J

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    He means recession Craig. And as far as your quote (as well as the others) I just don't understand it. Everybody here (and I mean EVERYBODY that has anything to do with home construction, or home improvements) is really feeling the pressure. Not a day goes by that I don't hear about another company going out of business because of the lack of sales/work. Why is it that other areas of the country are stroking right along, while N.E. Florida (perhaps all of Florida, I don't know for sure) is hurting so much? At first I thought I was losing my ability, but know I know that it's everybody and not just me. There has to be a logical explaination for this as I really don't understand how sales can drop so dramatically for Florida businesses, yet can still be booming for other states.
  8. ccfree

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    I don't know Chris. Texas has dropped off dramatically with the production new home industry, but the high end custom builders are still going strong. Texas is booming in the oil and gas business so that is helping. Yes alot of people are going out of business, but alot are prospering more than ever before. I believe if a lighting contractor has aligned their company in the high end sector of the market, they are going to continue to grow their sales. The best opportunity to expand and grow sales is in a recession if that is actually what this country is in.
  9. Chris J

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    Being that you are in the distribution business, I take that to mean that you deal to all contractors big volume and not so big. If you say your are really busy, this gives me the impression that your entire market is strong and not just the contractors who aligned themselves with the high end sector. Of course, if the majority of your business comes from a few "high end" guys, then I understand where you are coming from.
    Also, could you please explain what you mean by a recession being the best time to grow a business? That's not making much sense to me. Again, it's not the entire country that has this problem. Just a few select states or regions thereof. This is what I really don't understand. Thanks for the input!
  10. ccfree

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    The majority of my customers are high end which of course as you know is the business we are dealing with. This seems to be the year of the "big" jobs. Much more than in the past, which tells me that wealthy clientele are still spending their money freely on luxury items. In times of a "recession", most people who own businesses think they must cut back on their expenses. This is true to an extent, especially when it comes to buying new equipment. But if a company has their act together financial and runs a tight ship, this is the best time to expand. And that is however you choose to expand whether it be open a new office, or better yet, start marketing your company wisely and spending more dollars to reach potential clients. The key is, that alot of your competition will not make it through a recession, they will will fold. Now is the time to brand your company name in your market. It is all about branding. Think about Bud Light! In short, a recession is what you make of it. Less competition means better odds of you getting the work.

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