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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by 4lextrem, Oct 27, 2010.

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    Hey ladies and gentleman, dear champions of the green business.

    It is over for me! My first year was oh so great and thanks again for just being an exemple, seriously.

    I made it clear in the contracts that it was 5 month, from may to september.
    Now the leaves are there, and i'm wondering for next year, because there will be a 6th month ''included'' for 2011 and so on :angel: if.......:

    That 6th month is october, leaves start falling, can i mow once a week over them, always bagged of course without problem? Takes 30 min./house..will it take 30 min. in october too if its mowed each week?

    I'm asking because i made a test here and wow lol........what a ******* nightmare, filled the bag 10 times but ...last mow was before the leaves in september so it has been like almost all october of fallen leaves without scooping them up..there was a lot.

    I was raised in french so im sorry for being unclear..its not intentionnal.

    The leaves start dropping around 1st of october and now its almost over, so from 1st to 31st..1 mow here = 10 bags.

    If 1 mow each week..its gonna be ok to keep it in the usual 30 min. time frame?

    All the land are the same size aka small. I calculated everything its top shape but i forgot to '' test it on my own land here''....so now im kinda ******, im seriously relying on answers lol...

    I feel bad lol :laugh:
  2. 4lextrem

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    But you know what guys, its ok ill wait 6 days and do the test.

    Still please feel very free to talk about it, for those of you who do it with their mower.

    I'd love to keep it simple and tight like it is right now and it must be do-able.

    Take care guys Thumbs Up
  3. Mowbizz

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    It will always take longer to mow when the lawn is covered with leaves!
    Biggest reason is that the bagger fills up so much faster because of the leaf volume. Plus, you need to mow a little slower to let the mower do its work! You need to figure extra time this time of year (just about double)
    If the lawn takes 30 minutes in Summer figure 1 hour with leaves covering the lawn.
  4. 4lextrem

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    Thanks a lot..i'm still questionning myself tho.

    I think i noticed you have a billy goat thing..so..

    WOuld it be do-able in 25-30 minutes with that?

    It doesnt need to be mowed actually..its just the leaves that keep pilling up.

    I guess mulching the leaves would be more than ok, i tried it and its ok.......but some leaves get blown away and etc......maybe ill go that way its just left over leaves right..?

    And yes, they do fill up fast, its crazy i wouldve thought more would fit into the bag.
  5. 4lextrem

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    OK false alert, everythings fine, mulching rocks. Thumbs Up
  6. White Gardens

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    Mulching is the best you can do. If you can make an OCDC for your mower than that will help you out big time. (Operator Controlled Discharge Chute).

    Eventually the leaves will be too much to mulch though. Depending on your equipment, either mulch the leaves as many times as you can then raise your deck and pick up the worst of what is left over, fill your truck and then blow out any bigger piles of mulched leaves, or..... Take a tarp and rake and fill your truck, mulch what's left then bag the remainder.

    I mulch as much as I can until I need to do a final cleanup.

    Just remember, with oak trees you can only mulch so many into the lawn before you change the PH.
  7. 4lextrem

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    Ok thanks, hey yesterday, the 29 of october, there was some snowflakes..imagine.

    If a crew of 2 males do 100 per 5 days(each week never bi-weekly)..20 per day its good, its the goal.

    But now with the augmentation and month of october that i want to add for 2011..it could be ok with fast mulching. 4 cuts in october.

    Am i just seeking an impossible goal here..that would be to keep the same ''recipe'' of time-frame and work done aka 1 cut per 20-25 minutes @ 20 a day x5 for 1 crew per week.

    That month of october is giving me quite a lot of questionning, i know absolutely nothing about equipment and wanted to keep it simple.

    Thanks also for the oak trees tip.

    I'll try to mulch and then make a pass with the bag on to test i guess, i cant do more for now appart asking here and/or at some mower shop.

    I totally forgot to take pictures but each clients land is very small..takes 25 respectable minutes each for 2 or 30-35 minutres for one fast person..very fast.

    As i said ill try to mulch and bag, on your side do you think something could be done to avoid changing the recipe?

    I was thinking a mulching blade but..i know youre very good and you didnt specify it so..it wouldnt be the solution ?

    It doesnt need to be perfect, but respectable you know.

    The mowers are walk-behind types, small ones because the places are tiny..

    Thanks for answering mister i appreciate it extremely.

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