Whats up with all the downtime?

Discussion in 'Site Questions, Rules, Suggestions' started by thelawnguy, Jan 29, 2000.

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    Seems more often than not the site is unavailable. Maybe keep that server you were going to give away for yourself? Comments, admin.?
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    Dear LawnGuy,<p>My name is Vladislav Davidzon, I am a partner with the Global Reaction Network and your friendly &lt;grin&gt; systems administrator. <p>The problems we have experienced over the past few weeks have been due to our ISP having a really bad router in place. To resolve the problem, I have stayed up until 3:30 am this morning on the phone with the owner while we worked out the problems. He personally stayed on site all night [after doing a day shift already] fixing the problem and replacing the router. That should not be a problem again.<p>We have invested quite significantly in hardware and power protection for our sites. Just yesterday a new APC UPS unit was installed which keeps our servers up for as long as 68 minutes in case of a power failure, by which time a generator should be started by the ISP. We also now use Dell P3-500 servers which are extremely reliable. <p>Like I stated before, we are dedicated to setting up an uptime of 99.9% or more, however the recent outages were out of our control, and we have done our best to make sure this does not happen again.<p>Best regards,<p>Vladislav Davidzon<br>

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