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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by woodie08, Mar 18, 2008.

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    it seems like the guys that been in the bussiness for years. tell the new guys starting out. not to under charge. that you will be running your self out of bussiness, but I just got a flier yesterday from a guy that said on his flier $20.00 a cut trim & blow???? that shooked me:dizzy:and this guy said he's been in the bussiness 12 years!!!!!!!! now my lawn is about 1/3 ac. the going rate out here is $25 to $30. I planed on charging $25.00 a cut. but now this guy is my competer, hitting the areas im hitting!! should i go down to $20.00 as well? he's got more experince than I and offers moore serivce than i do. and what happen to not putting your price on the fliers?:confused:
  2. Sweet Tater

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    Theres man factors in setting a price, your overhead is the biggest. I for one coouldn't afford to drop my gate for less than $35, Whether you should drop your price depends on your overhead, can you afford to. A $20 price could also be a bait and switch, get them to call you with the low price, then add services to it so he may not evven hae 1 yard that he mows for that price. Personally I wouldnt change my price if I and getting what I ask for. If you are now getting business you may need to re-evaluate some things in your business and it may not nessecarily be your price.
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    It is all semantics. Some of these guys call themselves having been in "business" since they were 10 years old. Also, some peoples' interpretation of "being in business" is not the same as others. Some guys don't make a dime, and go on for several years - either waiting for that "tomorrow" to come, or not even realizing they are not making any money...especially if they work elsewhere. Which brings us to a whole different classification...the guys that just don't care. they run their "business" which is really a hobby to get them out of the house away from their wife Erma.
  4. Sweet Tater

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    Honostly, I can type and spell:laugh:, my keyboard is sticking for some reason.:dizzy:
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    Well a 15k lot for me would start at $35 but I'll do a 4-5k lot (if it's uncluttered) for $20.
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    Try not to worry about what others are charging. Know your costs, charge accordingly and do a good job.

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