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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by lowmiler, Feb 17, 2004.

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    Purchased a used Lazer 25/60. Noticed some hydro fluid under the machine on occasion. Put it on a rack and noticed some wetness under one pump but could find no leaks. Does not leak consistantly. We even lifted it up and put it in gear to find the leak. Nothing. Any ideas?
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    In this case dirt is your best friend. Where there's fluid dirt will collect. That will be your staring point to finding the leak. Follow the fluid trail and see where it leads. If it's under a pump I'd look at the fittings and the seals in the pump.

    Personally I'd take it to the dealer. Replacing a pump seal isn't difficult but if you make a mistake it'll cost you $300 for a new pump. If it's a loose fitting you may want to try to "slightly" tighten it. You can over tighten some fittings and cause a greater leak.

    If I had to guess...............I probably see more seal leaks than I do fitting leaks.



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