Whats with all CAPS? JUST STOP!


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columbia Md
What is with these few guys using all caps? i and others find it VERY annoying. Why are they still doing it after repeatedly being asked to stop? i dont even read it if its in all caps. Why r u doing it? I think anyone who is asked more then once to stop should be banned. I mean nothing personal but its godda stop. I know u all agree with me.
Just Stop and we wouldnt have a problem. it makes no sence to do it



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I agree wholeheartedly. Ban him!


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Southbridge, MA
Since 9FT.PILES (the offender) is a guest, not a member, why not do what you do with a guest at your home that becomes obnoxious. Ask them to leave! Plain & simple. When reasoning doesn't work, then eviction does.

plow kid

Toledo Ohio!!!
i was talking to chuck and after i showed him e-mails i recieved belitteling me and calling me obcene names he talked to eric elm and as of 12:49 9 ft piles (she) cant come back or post, just passing it along,nate


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Central CT
I find all caps a bit less annoying than some of these animated gifs that clutter some members signatures. You guys with DSL, cable and T1 dont understand but for dialup ISPs (some of us have no other options) they can bog down a session.


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I could care less if someone uses all caps or not. I concern myself with the content.

I really enjoy being a part of this discussion forum. I've been plowing only one year and I think this forum has enabled me to carry on intelligent conversations with folks that I have met and have been plowing forever.


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