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Whats with that..part 2

Eric 1

LawnSite Bronze Member
Toccoa Ga.
If you remember a week or so ago i posted about a snapper ztr.

Well on your advice i went back to the dealer and told him that i was not interested in it and that i wanted a pro machine.

He told me that the only difference is the pumps and the grade steel in the frame.

So i did some research and this mower has,
7 gauge steel deck, same as scag
18 hp Kohler motor, same as others
grease-able spindles
pivoting front axle
2 year warranty.

In fact the only thing i found differance was the pumps and ground speed and a slight differance in blade speed.

Whats up with that? why the huge price difference?

Would someone smarter than me clue me in cause i feel like a idiot asking this.

From the spec sheet it seems that this mower would hold up fine to a year or two of part time use until i can afford a 7-9k machine

I'm so confused:confused: :confused: :confused: